I Love Wearing My Sisters Underwear

Since I was about 7 years old I was fascinated with all things feminine without knowing why. I used to put on my older sisters skirts and panties and look at myself in the mirror. I just loved it. As time went on I graduated on to my moms and sisters slips. I used to hide them under my mattress with the panties. I remember the first time i ever came i was dressed in my sisters satin white panties and a white slip in bed, it felt wonderful as i began to shoot in her undies...only after i wondered how i was going to cover up my "crime". Her panties and slip were drenched in wet fluid. I hid them and intended binning them. Next day I decided to keep them!!! The following night I put on the slip and panties and added a bra and had a repeat performance...wow I was in heaven!!!!

As the years went on my sister got into Madonna opening the door to me to suspenders, mini skirts, stockings, short dresses and sexy nighties. At this stage I was ************ about 5 times a day dressed or dreaming about being dressed. Soon after I began "borrowing" lingerie off my neighbors from hampers from friends sisters and my sisters friends, i had a leather skirt that i loved some baby dolls, teddys, satin nightwear about 40 panties 10 bras a basque some sexy swimwear ,2 black mini skirts, fishnet stockings and suspenders. I was sooooo happy. 

Then one day I was dressed in my sisters flowery dress and some satin undies. I came and fell asleep on her bed post ecstasy. My sis came home to see me in her dress, panties down sleeping on her bed!!!!! She was so shocked she just walked out as soon as I woke up.... I was so embarrassed I threw all my lovely clothes collection out before it was discovered. I still regret it to this day. My sister never mentioned it to me again but her room was locked from then on!
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mine were my step sisters. she caught me one day when i was 15 just handling some of her panties which were other bed with other fresh laundry. I guess she had been watching me and I didn't know it. She came over and asked me if I'd like to try them on and even encouraged it so I did. I loved them and have been wearing panties since. I wore hers for the first 3 or 4 months and then started buying my own, or often she would buy some for me.,

So lovely

evil, mean sister...nahh...good thing she did not out you...

great story want mo pleases

You gat a problem

No I never did. Maybe I should have and she could have helped me with some purchases of clothes but I just left it. We get on fine and probably is best just to leave it at this stage...I always appreciate that she never told my parents.

did u ever mention it?