Caught In My Sisters Panties

it was hot when i woke upso i decided to take a shower and wake up, went in the bath room and i seen one of my olser sister left her panties on the foor. it was susans she was really hot i mean red hot. i pick them up and sat on the toilet to take a leak. i look and smelled them there was a combo of smell in them and they where damp , i could smell her women hood in them plus her ****. they smelled good i could tell she played with herself . i went back to my room because mister woodie was hard and wanted for me to play. i layed on the bed naked and started to pump mister woodie while i put the panties on my face i took a deep breath and lick them omg she tasted good. im not big at all okay im small real small for being 17 i look like a baby down there gods joke on me. my girlfriend laugh when she seen me naked she point and ask what that was . she took saving cream and shave me clean and said now you really look like a girl and laugh. but any way i shot a big load into my hand and hid the panties my farther use. i went naked and took a shower,i kept thinking. about the panties and wonder what else was in my sisters room in her hamper. so after drying off and drying my long blond hair i went to explored my sisters hamper right on top was a pair of silk lite pink full briefs i couldn't understand why she wore full brief as hot as she look. right under them was a match bra and baby doll nitie i put everthing on and felt great wishing i was a girl and smelled like my sister hot!i look further down and found apair of black silk panties and went back to my room. i move the mirror to the dresser and laid on the bed to look at my self i look just like a girl. i took mister woodie out and rub the black panties on mister woodie i look down and slowly strock him i put the dirty panties i found in the bathroom and lick them i got so hot . i was just about to *** when my sister walk in saying sam do you know what happemn to my panties in the bath omg sam why are you wearing my dirty clothsand licking my panties hey those are the ones i play with myself last nite and this morning i shot *** alover the place. i stared to cry begging her not to tell im sorry as i statred to un dress she yelled stop right there. i frozed. she took her cell phone and started snipping pictures of me. move your hands and my black panties when i did she seen what i had and laught at me sam you look just like a girl and look how small you are and shave to boot pointing at me. i turn red and couldn't say a word. please sis do,nt tell mom ,she look at me crying and beggingand grab my face we are going to have fun and you are going to do evrything i say from here on out,do you understand me you panic sissy girl or mom isn't your worry i tell all my girls friend about you and all your male friends. how i found you dress in my dirty cloths. i bet they like to know your shave and how small you are slaping my face hard now turn over and she grab my belt and started spanking me real hard i cry like a baby and she laugh say i sound like a girl you so panic little girl now say im a big sissy girl i repeated it and i like wearing my sister dirty cloths. she laught so hard and order me to tuck mr woodie between my legs and told me to follow her. she sat me down at her vanity and started aplly make up and bright red lip stick. when she was down she took pictures and made me pused for them she put pink stocking on me and a white pair of pumps and took more pictures laughing at me. we are going to have so much fun aren't we samatha, i hung my head and say yes susan we are.she grab my arm and took me out to our barn and tied a robe around my hands and throw it over a beam and pull me on my tippie toes and tied it off. she then said i'll be back sissy i look as she shut the door and left i was scare what if she tells mom and show her what done but mom was on vacation thank god i thought . about 15 mons pass and i started to cry wonder if she coming back 20 mins pass and i heard my sister state we back sissy girl, and ibought a friend to see you. i got scare who is it ,oh omg she going to show me off. i heard them come in and i could see who it was. susan came in front of me holding the pink dirty panties she caught me licking what was you doing to my dirty panties you sissy girl i look down and said i was smelling them and licking them on my face. and then she put them on my face show our quess how you as doing that i heard a giggle from behide me ilick and smelled them and susan ask whose sissy slave are you i said your susan .then i heard a voice say you alway was panic and my girl friend walk in front of me laughing at me. i was so embass and me face turn red beth took the oanties off my face and said i look just like a girl so panic. they both laugh and pointed at me. susan said and she has a little **** too and pull her dirty panties down on my legs.oh my god i know im the one who shave her they both laugh and point at me.
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lov writing this true story