Caught In Sisters Panties Part 2

when they was done humilateing me in the barn my sister susan and my girlriend drug me in the house hands  still tied they where talking to each other and giggle what to do with me a panic lose that i was. then susan look at me and said she needs to lose all this body hair first of all , then susan said no lets tell all his friends how she wears my dirty cloths and how he likes licking my dirty panties and licks them i started crying and begging that i do anything please not that please. so what your saying is you do everything we tell you to do and that your our sissy girl slave for life then .and you will wear our dirty panties 24/7 for the rest of your life and bra dress socks makeup and are nitie no question . i said yes please make me your sissy slave i'll wear it all please i beg you. they both laugh and said okay then i have it record on my cell phone. they untied my hand and said get in the bathroom now and ***** off my cloths and wait like a good girl.when they came i was naked and had my woodie tuck between my legs. they giggle and laugh they carry in lots of bottle and beth told me to get in and wash in hot water watch every move i made. then they dry me off with towel and put my hair in one .then they apply some cream to my body every where shave my arm pits and apply cream to themi had to wait 45 mins then susan ran the shower and told me to take a wash rags and wipe my whole body down. in 15 mins i was hair less all over they laugh and said i look good hair less just like a girl should .next came the dirty panties we went in susan room and she found a yellow cotton full brief panty and push them in my face and told me to sniff they smelled ready musie smell beth seen mr woodie move and she open hand smack it real hard,i tear up and susan slap me hard across the face and told me to dry it up. then she found the matching yellow bra then some yellow ankle lace socks. so couldnot find a find a dirty dress so she thought for a min and said up in the room up stairs in the attic she ran upstairs and found boxes of her old cloths.beth order me to sit on the bed and took both socks off and painted my toe nail a bright pink. and then my finger nail to match.
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lov writing it