Caught Wearing My Sisters Panties #3

susan came and look at beths work and said cool i have boxes of cloth upstairs for her i have to throw them in the dryer with a fabic sheet to remove the smell be back in afew. beth did my hair in two pig tells with yellow hair ties into each then she did my make up pink lips lite blue eye shallow and fountion and pink plush. she took me over to the mirror and show me how pretty i was ,i look just like a girl . she said get back and sit on the bed and we wait for susan . she look at me and said it all because of messing with your sissy dirty panties look at you i don't even know you you look just like a girl how panic you are a sisy girl. susan came back with a yellow sun dress and stop and her mouth shot open you look so pretty,and handed me the dress. put it on sissy girl.then she zip it up and hand me a white pair of pumps which fitted me great.she look a beth and said good job no will even know its him. then she told beth i found tons of my cloths up in the attic for her to wear, im dry them now so they don't smell. susan look at me and ask how does it fell samatha to be a girl , i look her square in the eyes and said it fills great.she told me to wait here and read so girl books and her and beth disapear.i heard some noised out side and look out the window and seen susan and beth draging some big leaf trash bags to the burning site where we burn trash. susan seen me looking and motion for me to come and join them.when i walk up to them beth handed me the matchs and told me too do the honors and burn the trash i throw the match at the bags and whis was all i heard half way throw susan and beth started laughing real hard and pointed to me what i said so funnie,there your males cloths
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lov writing this it was so much fun enjoy; dawn