Wearing Panties

My step brother is 3 years younger than I. He first wore panties at 13 when he had wet his pants at the babysitters and she had him wear a pair of her panties while his clothes were being washed.  when I went to pick him up I found him in his t-shirt and a pair of pink briefs.  A few months later I discovered that he was wearing my panties regularly.  He was ordered by my mother, his step mother, to lower his jeans for a spanking after he had done something wrong.  I was there as we had to witness each other's punishment. My mother and I gasped at first.  She had me pull the panties down before she administered the switch.  That night I asked him about the panties and he told me that he had wanted to wear them since the incident with the baby sitter.  He asked if he could wear mine from time to time and I agreed.  Some months later he and I were shopping and I suggested he buy some of his own panties.  he agreed so we went to the lingerie dept. of a department store and he picked out several pairs.  He and I wear the same size and it turns out have the same tastes.  He will only wear nylon panties and picked out a variety including briefs, bikinis and thongs.
He is somewhat androgynous and can easily pass for a girl as we found out one Halloween.  He wanted to go to a party with me as a cheer leader and I agreed.  I fixed his long hair and then put makeup on him.  One of my old cheer leader outfits fit almost perfectly.  I had him put on one of my pushup bras and a matching sheer thong.  He had never worn pantyhose but that night I had him put on a pair of all-sheer pantyhose which he told me he really liked.  The uniform included nylon brief panties the color of the top which was dark blue.  When he was finally all done up he looked like my twin.  We went to the party and a number of people thought he was a girl.
After that he often dressed up as a girl for costume events.  He loved pantyhose and started wearing them a lot.  I let him try one of my panty girdles which he also liked so now he has his own including a variety of pantyhose including fishnets which he likes.
He has worn panties steadily since he was a teen.  We often give each other lingerie for Christmas and birthday gifts.  He's been asked about a TG operation but he doesn't want to.  He said he prefers to be androgynous since he can be whatever he wants that way.
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I wish I had a supportive sister like you. Your brother is a very lucky guy! I usually get caught and the next thing I know, I was grounded and my sisters room were locked. There goes my perfect time