I Got Caught Wearing My Sister Panties #4

i just look way eye as they laugh at me for burning my male cloths susan why you didn't do this to me why what i'm i going to wear now.beth said what your wearing now you panic sissy,remember for life did you think we was kidding you susan saidi started to cry and beth slap me sissy girls don't cry over wearing pretty girl cloths now dry it up or i spank you right here. susan said you agree to be our sissy slave for life remember,wearing our dirty panties for the rest of your life.i said yes but i thought you meant only till mom got back.they laugh hard at me and then i heard a voice i did not want to hear why is that fire so big susan susan turn around and ran and put her arm and kiss mom on the cheek and scream you home mom great i frozen not turning around . hello to beth and look my way who the pretty new girl susan ,susan said samatha meet you mom. i turn slowly toward mom who mouth was hanging open sam why are dress like this and in your sister old cloths. will someone tell me what going on here why is my son dress like this. susan and beth walk mom toward the house and explan to her how they caught me wearing susan cloths and licking beth panties,samatha come on beth said. i walk with my head down and followed behind so embassed why me why did i do this to myself only if i didn't get caught. we went to the kitchen and susan told mom everything that happen mom laugh and look at me took everything in and order me to lift my dress seen my yellow panties.mom look me over and said you do make a pretty girl samatha, i lost a son and gain a daughter .mom you not going along with this are you mom said you agree so live with it samatha
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lov writing it more to come