Got Caught Wearing My Sisters Panties # 5

i could not believe mom was going a long with this punishment i throw a fit mom grab my arm and put me across her lap and lifted my dress and gave me the hardest spank in my life. when she was done she stood me up and grab my face hard you listen to me you wear you sister dirty cloths and lick beth dirty panties and you own sister panties that panic samatha and you agree to wear there dirty socks and bra and panties for life. to be there sissy slave and do what ever they tell you to do. you must of wanted this or why else did you do this. your my daughter now to me your not my son your a sissy girl i still love you the same but you mess up i'll have your name change next week samatha. and i meant a doctor while on vaction that will put you on women hormoans to fill you chest out and strink mr.woodie so you don't think about licking dirty panties again then we think me and susan and beth about giving you a mound between you legs and taking mr woodie away do you understand me samatha i said yes mommie, and you better folow every order the 3 of us tell you do you understand my sissy girl yes mommie i said.susan and beth take her upstairs and have her put all her new cloths away and show her how to do it just like a girl i have phone calls to make for her to be change. and don't hurt her just make her listen to you yes mom susan said we keep her in line we went upstairs and beth and susan laugh at me and said boy is mom going to fit you up good just think your soon be able to fit this bra with your sissy girl boobies,wait susan said she have to wear training bras they laugh oh yea for you little bumps of tittys. mom came up and inform me that i start my harmons shots tomorrow .
dawn8855 dawn8855
51-55, M
Sep 25, 2012