Got Caught Wearing My Sisters Panties #6

i just stood there looking at my mom was she really doing this to me someone wake me up from this nite said we need to paint this room susan and beth to a pretty pink for her coming out party. oh yea samatha the doctor said your mr woodie should not be getting hard after a few month and suggested to remove your ball so the harmons work fast so say good bye to your two friends . so susan go get everthing she was wearing when you caught her , susan and beth left i beg mom not to do this to me, mom said i'm not doing this you are sissy must of wanted to be a girl i'm going to make your dream come true. susan and beth return with everything and mom told me to ***** and give them one last show i look at her and said what mom said i want to see what you was doing to do this to yourself ,i started to beg and beth slap me hard you heard you mother get to it and heres my diry panties get to it now. i put every thing on and put beths panties on my face and started to play with mr woodie omg mom said look how small it is samatha i see why you wanted to wear panties it like a baby one they all laugh at me and told susan and beth to help me out and told them to pinch my nipples hard so iwas getting turn on and my mom started tell me how panic i look and how i wasn't going to be a man and how panic i look and how pretty of a girl im going to be and ask if i wanted to smell her dirty panties and stiff them to mom reach under her skirt and pull her panties off and put them on my face and told to taste her panties now,that did it i shot a load in my hand a big load i look for my towell and mom said look here i look and mom had my towell and said good girl lick there mess up now start licking sissy i lick every drop up and mom said good girl now get dress you panic sissy and put my panties on and leave them on untill i tell you to take them off sissy beth and susan tease me and ask how does it fell to ware mommie dirty panties sissy beth lift my dress and show me in the mirror moms panties on me laugh and pulling mr woodie bewteen my legs.
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