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Unexpectedly Asked To ***** By Doctor

I had got into the habit of wearing bra, panties, stockings and suspender belt under men's shirt and trousers whenever I visited the nearest city where it was unlikely that I'd meet anyone I knew. I had been going for regular assessment by benefits examiners where it was simply a matter of walking across the room and performing certain flexibility tests to see if I was still eligible for disability benefits.
On this occasion however, the doctor wanted to examine the movement I had in my legs and asked me to remove my trousers. I was taken aback and embarrassed when I did as he asked and revealed my fishnet stockings and girly undies. He never commented on my appearance but my recollections of what happened next are a complete blur, my mind being so upset by these unexpected happenings. Afterwards I wished I had had the nerve to discuss my cross dressing with him but at the time I could only stutter and stammer in answer to his questions.
malecynthia malecynthia 70+, M 3 Responses Oct 8, 2012

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I was in a car accident when i was taken to the er for back and neck pain the nurses and doctor took my clothes off to examine me and exposed my pink bra and panties and told me it was ok noone in the room will tell anyone every time i see the one nurse she wants to know what im wearing under my uniform

Yes, once I was wearing white cotton panties. I never thought I would need to ***** down to my underwear. The women nurse came in did what she needed to do to me. When I turned her way, she looked like she was mad or peed off at me. I try folding the top of my panties because it said jockey for her. Very embarrassing for me.

Similar story happened to me, however, I only wear womens satin panties and on a visit I didn't think I would have to get undressed he asked me to and I was wearing a satin green thong panties. I was so embarrassed.