Unexpectedly Asked To ***** By Doctor

I had got into the habit of wearing bra, panties, stockings and suspender belt under men's shirt and trousers whenever I visited the nearest city where it was unlikely that I'd meet anyone I knew. I had been going for regular assessment by benefits examiners where it was simply a matter of walking across the room and performing certain flexibility tests to see if I was still eligible for disability benefits.
On this occasion however, the doctor wanted to examine the movement I had in my legs and asked me to remove my trousers. I was taken aback and embarrassed when I did as he asked and revealed my fishnet stockings and girly undies. He never commented on my appearance but my recollections of what happened next are a complete blur, my mind being so upset by these unexpected happenings. Afterwards I wished I had had the nerve to discuss my cross dressing with him but at the time I could only stutter and stammer in answer to his questions.
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Yes, once I was wearing white cotton panties. I never thought I would need to ***** down to my underwear. The women nurse came in did what she needed to do to me. When I turned her way, she looked like she was mad or peed off at me. I try folding the top of my panties because it said jockey for her. Very embarrassing for me.

Similar story happened to me, however, I only wear womens satin panties and on a visit I didn't think I would have to get undressed he asked me to and I was wearing a satin green thong panties. I was so embarrassed.