Noticed By Neighbor At The Grocery Store.

I was shopping for a few groceries at the local Stop and Shop. I had my basket filled, while discreetly slipping a pair of Leggs (remember when they came packaged in a plastic egg?) among my groceries.
As I was bending over to pick out some laundry detergent I felt a hand on my back and heard a familiar voice say, "maybe you should get the Woolite instead. It'll be more gentle on those pretty red panties you have on. Not to mention the Leggs."

I became as red as my panties, when I turned to face Rebecca, my neighbor, who lived two doors from me.

She took the Leggs from my basket and as she was walking away suggested I should stop by her place "to pick up your stockings ... I have a dress that just might fit you sweetheart."

I was busted, so went with the moment. "I'll pick up a nice Chablis, what's a good time to stop over?
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I wish that it would happen to me x

So glad you can smile about the experience now.

It so nice to have helpful neighbors

I love it! Things like that can happen when we take chances.

Yes. BTW just read your adventure wearing a skirt in Vancouver. Scary but titillating!

Sounds to me like you are in for a fun time, dear, with you neighbour Rebecca. Love to hear what happened when you came over with a bottle of Chablis, to pick up your pantyhose and if the dress she had for you fit? ;-)

Well that was years ago, but the dress did fit. And she and I spent a few afternoons shopping for both of us so 'Rebecca could fulfill her quas-lesbian flings.

Awesome and no doubt Rebecca enjoyed those afternoons as much as you did! ;-)

I hope she did. She also dramatically improved my preparations each time I transitioned en femme.

Rebecca sounds like my dream come true!
Your story is awesome and exciting

How many visits did she help you with your transitions en femme?

How long do you typically spend to get en femme for an evening?

Thanks for the story


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