My Sister Got Caught By Me

This story is about my sister getting caught by me with a mess in her pants. Although I also make messes in my pants, I'm not the one who has ever been caught >:)

One Sunday afternoon after coming home from a typical day of church with my 7 member family, we stopped at a Wendy's to grab lunch. We all ordered chocolate shakes, since that is customary in my family, but my sister got a couple chicken sandwiches on top of her shake. We made it through Wendy's and drove home, consuming our orders. Surprisingly my sister had finished her meal and shake before anyone else had even finished their shakes! I was sitting in the backseat with my sister and one of my brothers, when someone silently "broke wind." "Ahhh, wasn't me! Hahaha" yelled my brother upon meeting the smell. "Me either," I stated matter of factly.

My sister didn't say anything, but instead just sort of laughed. My brother and I knew what that meant. "Come on Beth!" my brother, the whistleblower, cried out. The fart was soon forgotten, and we arrived back at our house around 1 p.m. My mom parked the car at the end of our driveway to leave parking spaces for the neighbors that were coming over this afternoon. As soon as the car came to a hault, the doors opened and my parents and brothers slowly piled out, making their way towards the front door. Sitting in the backseat with my brother and sister, we were forced to wait for the whole car to be evacuated before we could even move an inch.

This did not bode well for my sister, and I could see her pressing her thighs together, her hands placed firmly between her legs, because she had to take a ****. ("How did I know?", might you ask. Well as a pants pooper of more than 10 years, I know that anytime you have to fart, you also have to poop :) It's just that simple.) We finally started to move in the backseats, and as we stood up, my sister let another one rip, this time with less stealth. "Pffffrrt! Mooooove please!" my sister begged with my brother and I as we made our way out of the car. Once my sister had a clear shot, she took off running inside. I had made it inside some time after her, and also realized that I needed to drain the main vein. Walking towards the bathrooms (we have two bathrooms at the end of this hallway, one for the boys and one for my sister), I rounded a corner and turned down the hallway when I saw my sister waiting at her own bathroom door. My oldest brother had been beaten my second oldest brother to the boys bathroom , and so my second oldest brother used my sisters bathroom. She pounded on her own bathroom door, barely standing with her knees bent, thigh pressed tightly together with one hand pressing on her butt. I casually went to wait at the door to the boys bathroom, standing behind my sister only feet away.

I saw the possibility of this situation in my mind from the beginning of this story. I always see the possibility of situations like this turning out into what I want them to be (which is to see them mess their pants), but 999 times out of 1000, you will completely miss the fireworks. In this case, I didn't miss one second of the fireworks. In fact, I didn't even blink.

The hallway smelled like my sister had already pooped her pants, and maybe she had, but suddenly I could hear the tell tale crackling sound of a long sausage of **** slithering in to my sisters pants. She paid no attention to me, but instead squeezed her eyes closed, knees still bent and a hand still touching her butt, her head aiming towards the ceiling. I watching her behind as the head of the turd pressed against the thread of her jeans. It almost looked like the tip of a penis coming out of her ***, inside of her pants. Then I could see the turd begin to curl, but her pace did not slow. The seat of my sisters jeans suddenly swelled like a balloon as a much softer portion of **** began to pile in to her pants, meanwhile my brothers are still using the bathroom how they choose. And just as her pants ballooned, I could see a dark patch of wetness creeping up her the back of her butt, as she was obviously wetting herself now. A full 20 or 30 seconds has passed now, and my sister begins to open her eyes and realize the damage. I still stood silently behind her. She looked down at the wetness on her thighs, then her hand felt the bulge behind her, and then she turned and looked at me. She stuck her butt up in the air, the bulge in her jeans pointing at me. She looked at the bulge, and then looked at me and laughed a little. Before it got awkward, I told her "It's happened to me before, too." I didn't look at her disgusted or amazed, just like a ghost. But believe it or not, she just looked at me with laughing eyes and said "just dont tell anyone, please." Since I consciously knew that I was guilty of the same crime she had just committed, I complied with her request.

Later that month, I convinced her to do it again, except we did it together this time. Thats for another story, cuz i could write a book about all the "****" we've done together. And its not perverted, it never involves anything sexual. Although it does give me a HUGE hard on when I **** my pants or when I see her **** her pants, but its not like that. we just have messy fun ^_^
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Incredible story man. Can't wait to hear the rest of you and your sisters pants pooping fun.