My Father Caught Me...

I was only 13 and just had my first sexual experiences, I was really in the process of exploring my sexuality. When at a certaiin moment I was so busy with myslef that i didn't hear my father walking up the stairs. He came home late and did want to give his little girl a goodnight kiss........
He opened the door and saw me playing with myself.... He closed the door and didn't say a word. The worst thing is that he never said anything about it. I think that i dissapointed him but he never told me that.....
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Unless I am wrong about your didn't disappoint him? He just realized his little girl was sexual and bet truth br known, he got at least half hard!

Not knowing him, but I'll bet he wasn't disappointed; rather embarrassed and unsure how to acknowledge his little girl becoming a woman.<br />

Yes, that would be a subject for "Mom" to address. Perhaps he wasn't comfortable enough about sex to even tell her. I would have and also smiled about my little girl learning how her body works instead of in the back seat of a V W some night.

Great answer and probably reality!

I would bet that it wasnt that he was disappointed in you was probably just shocked and felt uncomfortable. No dad would know what to say to his daughter if he had just walked in on her with her fingers in her *****!!

Totally agree! Great reply also! I wouldn't embarrass my child, boy or girl!

well at least it was the first and last time he caught me...

I would guess he had no idea what to say.<br />
How would he approach the subject?<br />
<br />
Maybe at breakfast the next morning. Something like.<br />
Ahhhhh, Did you have a good time last night? lol<br />
<br />
I think he was just hoping it would go away.<br />
I doubt he was disappointed just shocked would be more like it.

Shocked but embarrassed for her and him?


Very sensible reply! We all have done such as youngsters, just some were accidentally caught and some left tell-tale signs like my sheets! My momprobably had to use a hammer to get them off my bed!