Almost Actually..

whew! almost got caught by my best friend cause I sent a wrong text message. It was supposed to be for this girl who always sends me text messages 24/7. And now my best friend is asking who am I referring to "lasa" (means love), I had to lie telling her it's someone we both knew, a friend. I lied because if I told her the truth she wont stop interrogating me and would try any means to know who the girl is. Though there is a lot of people involve in our circle of friends it's still easy to track down someone especially this girl my text mate because our friends are also friends with her.

This is the last thing that I cannot open up with her, liking girls. Though she already sense it, she just play and teased me with it. She is understanding and all but with this issue.... no way.
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I've only just recently told my best friend about me being bi-curious, I just didnt know what to do other wise. <br />
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yeah. I 'm not use to lying just hiding. phew. <br />
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Thank you bdw :)

That was close, eh? :)