Not Only Bears ...

I was on an all-day walk in Snowdonia with friends. we stopped for lunch but I knew then I would not last the day without going to the toilet. Obviously there were no toilets where we were, so I went away from the group and got down behind a dry stone wall. I had slipped my shorts and pants down and had just squatted down and started when I heard some voices. i looked around but could not see anyone. I then saw fours heads appear coming up a path that was leading right in my direction. I was frozen and did not know what to do. The walkers were four females about early 20's I guess. I was a similar age then.

They walked right up to me thinking perhaps that I was in trouble or injured. In fact they came right up to me and at first did not appear to realise what I was doing. I tried to shoo them away but that made them more determined to help me. Then one of them looked at my backside and realised what I was doing and stated to laugh out loud and then immediately the others realised too and they were all in fits of giggles. I was so embarrassed I wished I could have been swallowed up by the ground. One of the girls could not stop staring - it made me more embarrassed but also made me feel very strange.

That night I thought about the incident and the girl who stared at me so intently and I had a **** thinking of her. It seems so strange but it was so normal then and the ****** I had was incredible.
tybach tybach
51-55, M
May 24, 2012