Dad Caughty Me ************.

I always come home after sch and I know I will be all alone, have the house to myself. I usually have a bite to eat, get a drink and read erotica and look at **** on the computer. When Im all worked up I get on the bed in front of the mirror and try to imitate the girls in the movies. You know I pull my panites down to my knees and stick my *** way up so my little bung hole shows too and then I gently play with my toybox till Im all wet. Then I moan and whimper and jiggle my ***** hard till I have a bangin good ****** and then I take a nap. Helps me relax.
I got really embarassed not so much because I was playing with myself, well that too but because I really had my legs spread and I was going "Uhh, uhhh, uuh fk oh yess, do me nasty" I was practicing being naughty and well dad was in the door when I came. He just smiled and said "You have a phone call" and walked out. He never said anything more. I feel really pervy that my dad saw me and I never willl but I wish I could ask him " Did it turn you on? was I being sexy like the girls in the movie" but I never ever will bring it up. Fk how embarassing.
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add me?

You should ********** more often and let him watch. Maybe he will join you and ********** too.

Happened to my gf, except I was the 1 in the doorway,

i think you should have siad you were strking your ***** then you wouldant hsve been telling lies

Blimey... Hot story :) <br />
Yeah I once got in from a *hot* party, but knowing ppl were asleep and there weren't any locks on the bathroom doors at home at that time... And it being like 5am, I had a play in the garden, and Dad was at the kitchen window!!!! He asked if I was playing with myself, and I said 'no, just stroking the cat'. Luckily the cat was actually around at that point, but I was sooooo flustered...... Mega embarrassed, he was pretty sure of what he'd seen tho, even though there were bushes between him n me! D'oh!!