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I got my diaper changed in public in many times when I was younger. I can recall many, like  one time when I went to Knott's for a field trip at my daycare. There was a girl working there for the summer and her name was Dynasty. She was 15 at the time and I was probably around 8 or 9. She was like a big sister to me. She always made sure I had a clean diaper, she made me take naps and fed me as well. Like I metion earlier when we were at Knott's there was a point when I wet my diaper till it was almost on the verge of leaking. She took me in the womens bathroom and changed my diaper on the changing table. I got a lot of looks from the women in there. I got laughed at by girls in my age group. Some teenage girls thought it was cute.

 After we finished eating at some restraunt at Knott's I started to notice that the seat of my diaper was expanding. I already then knew I was soiling my diaper. All the kids that was with us on the trip was teasing me but not much. They were use to seeing me in diapers and use to the mess I always made. Dynasty then took me to a bench that was not occupied and started to  change me. Of course I protesed but she continued like it was the most normal thing in the world. I got stares and laughs from others and I was crying the whole time. Later on my diaper leaked and Dynasty changed my diaper and kept my wet pants in a plastic bag. I had to walk throught the amusement park with my diaper in plain view. I stayed close to Dynasty as we walked.
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My mom took advantage of me on my First Holy Communion day.I was 14 when i finially made it and was in the class with the 7 and 8 year olds.Per the parish dress code,me and all the little girls had to wear a poofy communion dress with the veil,white tights and white mary jane shoes.under our tights we had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants[aka-rubberpants[ with a white under shirt as our top.I found a cute,poofy communion dress in my size with the matching veil and then got the white tights and the mary janes.Mom made the required diaper by sewing a package of the flat cloth baby diapers together to make one diaper and then got the white adult size rubberpants in size medium.the morning of the ceremony,i took my bath,them laid on my bed while mom pinned the diaper on me,then pulled the rubberpants over it,then put my tights and under shirt on me,then my dress,veil and shoes.the rubberpants bunched up under my tights and with the diaper under them it felt weird.During my party,my mom called all of my friends and female relatives into my bedroom then called me in and told me to lay down on my bed so she could change my diaper! i didnt know she had made another diaper for me and i told her i didnt need to be changed,but she said i had to do it.with all of my girl friends and female relatives watching,i reluctantly sat down on my bed and laid brought my communion dress up.then pulled down my tights,then the rubberpants and unpinned the diaper and removed it.she slid the other cloth diaper under me,then powdered me and then brought it up and pinned it then pulled the rubberpants over it then my tights.I was so humiliated and embarrassed with everyone watching,especially my friends!

Wow I'm changed about 20 times a day in public and I'm 9 I am changed by my dad it is always so emberesing my dad has only changed me about twice in the bathroom and always changes me infront of everyone nomatter where we are church a wedding a resterant you name it

Wow, that's something. I don't get why adults feel the need to publicize our diaper changes like its no big deal.

No I don't get breast feed anymore but it's not that bad it's just like drinking a bottle that you can breath through and I like to be cuddled and breast feed it's not that bad if you go on my account read my story I was drugged by my friends mom and you will under stand what I'm talking about

Ok, which story?

Well it wasn't that bad it actually happens that I was breast feed for a week when I was thirteen and loved it

Anythings possible if you start to cry and your a baby she tried to feed me it tasted wired so I actually threw up on her I was embarrassed then and was spanked for being naughty

Oh trust me a girl tried to breast feed me because I started to cry she was hot and had some nice boobs

Wow, I didn't even think that was possible

Nah, I'm not into acting like a baby

Do you still do it?

It's not so bad she pulled out my teddy and a pacifier and I would stop crying that's what I do if I'm embarrassed

Not sure if I would still go thro with it lol

Yeah I love that one it was at knots right but I hate when people say we shouldn't wear diapers I want to wear diapers and I haven't worn them since I was like thirteen
But I do love when girls look at me and say I'm so cute until they start to spank my bottom or pinch it but if they just say I'm so cute and ask me to be touched I would use baby talk and it really got them to where they want to change me I will cry if I don't want them too and it usually ended up in a pacifier in my mouth and if I squirm to much a spanking girls sure do go gugu for babies but I actually didn't mind not wearing pants after a while I took my shirt off too and all the girls went insane and snapped pics of me it was like being dipped in sugar I had girls lined up to see me in my stroller the cast that was on my arm helped too if I was older I probably would of called them

Hahaha, that's exactly what its like with girls. I haven't been changed in public since I was a kid and I think I am too scarred to be changed in public anyway. I would die from embarrassment.

Yeah I was like that too in Hershey park I had to wear nothing but a diaper and a small short so you could see my diaper completely it was so embarrassing that my baby sitter picked me up and cradled me like a baby put a bottle in my mouth and just held me she then put me in a stroller and I just stayed like that for the rest of the day I guess some people were laughing because I was twelve and drinking out of a bottle and soiling my diapers but as I had my pacifier I was fine but girls in the ladies room were all saying how cute I was and were pinching my but I actually started to cry and then my baby sitter said hands off he's my baby she pacified me and then the one lady said he's too old for diapers potty train him and she explained my condition and she was sorry it was a pretty good day but I would of preferred some pants on my diaper

Man, that exactly what happened to me. I would get laughed at by others but when I was changed in the girls bathroom the girls would adore me. There was also that one lady who told my babysitter who told her that I was too old for diapers.

I would love to have someone change my diaper in public

Private for me.

My mom chaged me yeater day I can't do the cloth diapers by myself

Yea, it as really embarrassing.

That sounds so humiliating if that ever happens to me trev I hood there's some one like her with me.

Man that sucks what did your schoolmates say to you when you went to school?

My mum made me a teenage baby by giving me dummies and bottles and checking and changing my nappies whenever i was wet she still does it to this day but it is adult nappies not the babyissh ones and one day my gran came over and my mum and gran push me round the park in a pram and even changed me in front of people at my school and i was 13

Trevion for me that was like 30 yrs ago i do not belive it so munch for kicks as it was meant to embarrass me hoping it make me stop.and how i wish could have but like 30 yrs ago medince was'nt as advance as it is today and every doctor we went too told us something different from i grow out it or once we were told there nothing wrong i was just lazy so my folks tried beatings and embarrassemt to try to make me stop at 60yrs old plus today i look at alot different then i did now' but as i said in other post it made me stronger and better parent my self in my dealing with my own son who also have simlar problems

im 14 and i still get made to wear nappies.....anyone else?

(TONYBW) man that sucks. I get to change myself now that I'm old enough. I think your mom does it for the kicks. Everyone who changed me thought so.<br />
<br />
Oh and yea, it was pretty embarrassig for me to walk out in public in only a diaper. Especially when I wet or messed in them cause eveyone would see

How did it feel to be changed in public?


I can give u 1 to realy protest over I was almost 18yrs old in the mall with my mom and sister when happened i was and still am a day and night wetter and messer this is avery embarrassing problem at this age and my parent did nothing to make any less but more .I could and change myself at school but at home my parents insited on embarrassing me by changing me often in front of my younger sibblings or when my mothers ladies friends were over well time it was in the mall she asked me if i was in need of a change of course I said no well she decided to check for her self and as she knew I was wet & dirty bad enough being checked in public but then to be changed right there in the mall we had a big van she could taken me there and changed in private but no she had embarrass me they figured the doctors were wrong and I could c so by control it and by embarrassing it make stop

Same thing for me. Except for my babysitter. Her ther was this girl who worked at my daycare when I was a kid she changed my diaper in public alot. I think that she did it just for kicks. lol

i was changed at parks and playgronds to wen i was 8. i didnt care about it. not until i was 10 or so. but if i was reely wet and there was no private place to changed id let my mom do it in public still. im small and got nothin to hide lol.

Sure, and thanks ^^

i think you have an amaxing storylets chat one time :)

Thats mean, I got teased when I waschanged in public too. Most females thougt it was cute, others thought it was just weird. But, its whatever.

why is it, that girls/women will see an older child or teenager's diapers being changed in public as "cute". yet, boys/men don't?

i grew up being changed in public by my mom, until she passed away when i was almost 19. so, that's what i noticed too.

maybe i sould of been in diaper coz i wet alot too , but now in diapers 24/7 and i love it except these diaper are adding up in cost and i do not think i could pin a cloth diaper on myself anyway so i just buy mine online @

I'm 17 now.

How old are you now? i agree that it sucks that they won't change your nappy now<br />

I have always been in diapers. I stopped getting my diapers changed around the age of 12 to 13 years old. It sucks that I can't get my diaper changed now tho, I miss it.

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