Changing In The Car

I've been doing a lot of long distance driving recently. Here in the UK the toilets in the motorway service stations are pretty public and although I've changed my diaper/nappy many times there the sound of the crinkly diapers and the tapes ripping is embarrassing. It's even hard to find a bin to throw my used diaper in. Somteimes I can get into a disabled toilet but it's often occupied. So now i've taken to changing my diaper in the car. In my car it's not easy to use the back seat so I struggle to pull my pants down, do a rough clean up and get another one on before anybody sees what I'm up to. I try to do this in a lay-by on a fast road in the country so drivers passing by have other things to think about than the guy with his pants down. Boy could I do with some help with this!
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4 Responses May 16, 2012

Great story... I too have come across the same issues here in the UK.
I travel plenty for work, and I am often on the motorways 3/4 days per week.
I try not to change when out alone, but sometime I have no choice and the
toilets are a nightmare..
Will be sure to keep a look at the layby's now these days !

Try booster pads. It will prolong the nappies life.just an idea.

Some of the toilet stalls in the States have no doors, especially if there have been problems of some sort. I had been changed in public so much as a child, up to age fifteen, that I don't worry about who is watching me. I went camping with one of my godsons, and the bathroom/showers were all open. When we showered in the morning I had to take off my sopping wet nighttime diaper, before the shower, and pin on a fresh, thick, cloth diaper and plastic pants on the bench next to the door,after the shower. I remember one morning there were a whole bunch of junior high age boys, the same as my godson, standing in line for the shower, all of them naked. They were showering three at a time, by order of whomever was in charge. More embarrassing than taking off my wet diaper in front of them, my knapsack/diaperbag at my side on the bench, was their facination with my lack of pubic hair. They started talking, in very loud voices, about a grown-up without body hair. So I had to explain that I did have body hair, but that it was just very sparce, and limited. I have never been hairy, and you just have to look closely to see it. Suddenly I was the focus of way too much attention. Most of the pubescent boys got excited and started covering themselves with their towels. The others just asked questions, many questions, about how that can be, could that happen to them, and how do you know you've started puberty if you don't get hair. They were very worried that it could happen to them. I explained a little about how we are a mix of our parents; if one or both are smooth they may also be smooth, if hairy they stood a chance of also being hairy. But many people wish they were smooth when they are hairy, and visa versa. Anyway, the point is there are things waaay more embarrassing than having someone watch you change your diaper. Whatever your experience, remember it could ALWAYS be worse. So don't worry and wear cloth diapers for economy and peace of mind.

Koolio. I'll keep my eye out for you on a country road somewhere lol. But seriously disabled toilets not having a bin is not providing someone with a basic facility considering it's there for possible nappy changes.