I Remember

Im in my thirties now, but I was diaper discplined until I was 13 (and started my periods). I can remember vividly we went to a festival as a family, and half way through the day, my father made me lie on the back seat of the car whilst he changed my diaper in full view of everyone.

It was pretty obvious what he was doing, even though i didnt make a sound, trying not to attract attention. I got changed in lots of places that I remember as I got older, but i think that was the worst one. I can still remember him peeling the diaper back and me just dying with shame as it was so open and he just didnt care.
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Yikes!! Must've been very bad!! I cannot even imagine!! Sorry you had to go through this!!

Sad that you had the negative aspect of being diapered - the shame of it in public at a gentle age. At least you can enjoy them fully now if you want! I feel there's nothing better than being in diapers again, for whatever reason. Just good fun!!! :)