On A Long Distance Bus.

I was about 9 years old and still had wetting problems. This was likely to be difficult as my mum was taking for a long bus trip to see relatives. I had been offered a nappy and plastic pants but refused because I was big now and none of my friends wore diapers anymore.

Mum had come prepared for the journey and when I needed to have a pee she told me to hold on because we would soon arrive. I soon told her I was bursting and she said there was nothing she could do - I held on but started to wet my pants. I told mum who said there was nothing she could do about it and that she would sort me out when we got to aunties house.

This meant I had to endure being looked at by the passengers on the bus and being asked by the driver if I had wet the seat. At least mum told him I had stood up and done it on the floor and stayed standing for the rest of the journey.

Then the walk to our Aunts house where she took in the situation in a glance and showed us the bathroom. I had clean pants from mum's bag and borrowed a pair of my cousins .jeans while mine were washed and dried. My cousin was about my age and still wore nappies at night so he didn't make fun of me.

We got the last bus home and as my jeans were not quite dry i kept on the borrowed pair. I had "visited the toilet" as instructed before leaving but nodded off in the heat of the bus and was asleep until my mum shook me and asked "Have you gone in your pants again? As I woke up I realized I had pooped in my pants and told mum I was sorry.

She was very cross and made me stand in the aisle between the seats while she undressed the lower par of me and (in full view of the other passengers) proceeded to wipe me clean and then diaper me. Then came the plastic pants and finally my shorts.

Mum apologized for me to the other people on the bus and a nice woman told me that "these things happen" and that I would be more comfortable with a nappy on. She was right because even as she was talking I was having the pee I hadn't dared tell mum about..
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Jan 22, 2013