Happy Birthday To Me!!

On my 18th birthday my family took me to a small farm close by our house, I went there for the first time on my 8th birthday and I hadn't't been there since, so returning on my 18th birthday would have been great.

When we got there, our guide who was showing us around before we could go off by ourselves, he told us that since we last went there, there had been some changed, during the day some of the animals were allowed out of their pins, so they could roam around freely. 
After that, my older brother and I went to find the animals who were roaming the place, we found some baby cows, we were allowed to give them bottled milk, so anyhoo we were given bottles of milk and we were feeding the babies, we in the middle of a small field by the way, not to far from the farm, but far enough. My brother called out to me and said "hey look, there they are" I looked up and saw a couple of huuuge cows across the field just staring at us, I thought to myself "cool"  eh..no, not cool, as we would soon find out.
We sat down to pet the babies, our backs facing the big cows who without us knowing, had come closer...and cloooser and closer until they basically had their noses in our hair.  I heard something and looked behind me and realized I was face to face with a massive momma cow who was maaad. I sat their frozen before I actually realized what was going on, my brother turned around to see it too and then "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" the cow let out a moo right near my face. (Cows have baad breath, who would have guessed....lol)

My brother quietly says to me "ok...get up...and back away slowly, don't make them any madder" 'THEM?' I thought, I then noticed that behind the first cow was another one. We stood up slowly and backed away from them, we kept walking backwards towards the farm, the cows soon started following us, veeery slowly, they cows started speeding up, I put my hands out and like an idiot started talking to the cows "nice cows..please don't kill us" I mumble, lol. The cows started following us faster, my brother looks at me and says "don't run, if you run, they'll run" we walked faster, still going backwards, the cows began running towards us. "RUN!" my brother yells! Aint he brave?  We turn around and start running as fast as we can, but then, oh what joy, we realize we're going the wrong way, the farm is to our left, and has been the entire time, we're heading for the empty chicken coops. but anyhoo, we kept running and head for the coops with the cows on our tails, we start to out run the cows, we enter the chicken coop, pause for a second, "oh gee" we thought. "The cows are still coming, what should we do? Close the barn door?.....naah!" The cows are now only inches away from the barn door, we run like maniacs and dive head first into the hay at the back of the barn, and then we wait for the cows to devour us..just kidding they didn't even enter the barn...they stopped at the door and gave up on us....yay? 

About 5 minuets later we leave the barn and see a farmer heading towards us...laughing. He looks at us silently, and then says "if you run, cows run..." My brother and I look at each other and then walk off embarrassed. We found our parents and sister who were wondering where we were and when we told them what happened they just about had a laughing fit.

Ah, what a fun birthday....=p 

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3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

holy cow MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

LOL, thanks for sharing. :D<br />
I am afraid of cows even though they look calm.

HAhahah, rally a fun BD you had there man =D<br />
cows are nice, you should've tried to ride them, it would've been funnier that way XD