Stupid Things I've Done #2

Yup. I did.

When I was 19, I went to work in Yellowstone Natl. Park in Wyoming, one summer--1980.

Well, after spending the previous day attending new employee orientation, getting my kitchen uniform, papers signed, rules read to me, room assignment, etc...I spent the night at the funky looking Mammoth Hot Springs--just missed the filming of the planet Vulcan scene for a Star Trek movie , and stayed in an employee bungalow overnight.

Then, we grabbed a park bus and were off for Old Faithful. We'd just passed through the lovely Hayden Valley--completely filled with yellow monkey flowers--with the towering jagged Absarooka range as a backdrop--and a few moulting big horn sheep (seems they shed in June--not pretty). We were coming through a swampy area, when the driver spotted some buffalo. We were allowed out of the bus to snap some photos--when I saw a moose calf in some nearby trees. I went closer for a shot--when this enormous blur of brown bellowed, and came charging after me. Now...a moose looks odd--all gangly and weirdly shaped...but they are huge! And brother, don't let the awkward body fool you--they can run! I barely made it back into the bus! Stupid!

I'd like to say that I'd never got close to a wild animal again--but in Yellowstone, that's pretty much impossible--especially when there's a buffalo wallow right next to your dorm (our resident buffalo was nicknamed "Charile" for some unknown reason). I accidentally had a close encounter with "Charlie" while crossing over a foot bridge near our dorm--I wanted to cross, and out of the blue, he decided that I shouldn't--I let him win that one.

When out hiking once, I turned a corner round some boulders, and came face to face with a huge bull elk! Less than three feet in front of me. He just looked at me with this bored expression--and I very, very carefully backed up and got the hell out of there.

Back at home, I've surprised owls, fox, skunk--no spraying, thank God, and other creatures. But, that moose--that genuinely scared me.
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1 Response Mar 17, 2007

ROFLOL!! Did anyone else there with a camera get a snap of that one??!! I bet your face was priceless!!