I has been long before my boyfriend told me this he will never do anything wrong ever to broke my heart when I used to ask him about his gal pals and especially about One coz I had seen him being over friendsly with her and she obviously had feelings for him ever since they have been friends, its just that he kept telling me that everyone knows about you come on they just cant have him like that, i believed him and even at times when I felt bad he used to hangout with this friend as he said he needs some time out from my drama and cant compromise his freedom like this sticking his life aorund just one me, and told me get a life too. But I still never objected that much coz i thought he would understand, now he confessed that he had cheated on me with her and says that it wasnt anything other than physical and he got no intentions of hurting me and thats why kept from me. If this was the reason why he never stayed away from her after that and why he always mentions her name wen i ask him that if anyone loves him more than me. NOw wen I was so devastated he said that he only loved me and wanted me so i asked him than why does his actions say otherwise its not that these guys had a moment together and it happened by mistake coz they keep exchanging such msgs till date wen i checked this later on. Its only wen i found out and refused to listen to him he deleted all of that and agreed on never talking to her again. But how can I believe this guy the guy I have loved for 4 years and I was loyal to him I even I asked him that he cud have told me if he wanted to leave me to be with her but he said he just wanted me and she cant take my place THAN wat were you doing U IDIOT you just ruined my life and broke all the trust i had and I count on you anymore just for some pleasure of a fling outside your relationship. Just for some sick thing you cheated on me, I feel so betrayed that I lost all respect I had for that girl and also my trust for this guy as I think if this is what happens than better to be single than ever trusting someone.
Despite of being loyal, good, caring , and loving and everything he wants me to be what I get is cheating and now i keep thinking about it and I cant even let him close me, I feel like some kinda used person and that is so disgusting. I feel like dying now,
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Yeah, I dont want to be the idiot so I install HelloSpy on his phone to track him -_-

I'm so sorry that you're going through this. I felt the same way you feel, and honestly walking away and leaving behind that mess will make you feel so much better about yourself in the long run, you will feel so empowered.
Please realize that his cheating has nothing to do with you. If you are loyal, good, caring, loving etc then leave this guy behind and find someone who has all of those wonderful qualities also. Be proud of the person you are and don't waste any more time with someone who doesn't deserve you. His karma will come, it may take years but it will.
You've been given a fresh start, take
advantage of it :)