~ By Every One of Them ~

~ Of course I've only had 2 boyfriends. Heehee. But still! I mean SHEESH! ~

J was an a*s. I dated him when I was 19. I forgive myself for this because I was young & didn't know any better. Mahahaha!  He claimed the reason he cheated was because I wasn't good & therefore he had to find it somewhere else. OK, well maybe if your di*k had been a bit bigger & perhaps if you had known how to USE IT, I would have been better.........Hmmmmm, ever think of that A*sho*e! The worse part is that I still have insecurities because of that parting shot. Idiot! Anyway, he phoned me up about a year or so later, said he'd been diagnosed with HIV. Told me I was the first one he was calling (Oh, I feel so SPECIAL), because he was pretty sure I was safe. I was the only girl he was screwing at the time that was making him use a CONDOM, EVERYTIME!. That was me "NO GLOVE, NO LOVE!" LOL.... Anyway it turned out he was right, I came back negative & I've been tested every year since, just thought it was a good idea. =]

S, my last boyfriend, well...............with him I didn't really learn that well. He "cheated" on me with my best friend (we were 14 at the time). Mahahahaha! He swears he hasn't cheated on me since, & stupid me, I tend to believe him. Although, I wonder, he spent most of the last 6 months we were together, "sleeping at work"..... He'd get a shower & a floor to sleep on once a week, at a co-workers appartment....(Female, apparently with a bf). I never caught him though, so I will continue to give him the benefit of the doubt, even if the same last year, he wasn't getting ANY at home...... Oh well, he's gone now.

I am praying the next one I get, if I'm lucky enough to get another guy, he won't cheat on me. I find that very disrespectful & if I have learned nothing, I NOW know I am WORTHY of RESPECT, at the VERY least..........

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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

that is the best lesson to learn! Respect ur self! good for U! and hopefully ur next partner!