Rare We Are But Not Lost.

Hello, I found out I have CIDP 4 weeks ago, was hospitalized to see a neurologist. I had no health insurance so was going to a clinic, they had no neurologist on staff the only way to see one was addmission to a hospital. 5 minutes after seeing neurologist he knew what I had. However 5 week before this with Internet reserach I knew I had a neurologial problem, I am now receiving IVIG treaments. I resceved 5 in 10 days. Now at home recovering from no sleep at the hospital. They try to test you to death but I servied all the testing. From my first signs to now its been 6 months. I guess I am head of the game because it may take most doctors 8 to 15 months to get you in fround of the right specailist. What a game they play. If anyone needs help with information on CIDP I am now up and running with lots of places you need to research. Be active in your own health, You know more about yourself than the doctor will ever know. A helping hand is keep a daily log of your health so when the dotor ask you question you will have a note to remember now long ago it was you started down the dark lonely road of dispair. Be positive and don't give up, life is a gift and we should take care of that gift. Wiith the right mental attiude 90 percent of the battle is won. I talk way to much take care.

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1 Response May 15, 2012

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