Living With Diapers And Surviving

My earliest memories are of my older brother who I shared a room with fighting my mother during his nightly diapering at bedtime.
He was 7 or 8 and I was 2 or 3 and had already been diapered and put to bed in the crib I would be in until I was probably 10.
I learned not to fight with mother about anything by watching this experience every night until my sister moved out and we both got our own rooms when I was 8.
Mother & Dad (who worked all the time) fought constantly and mother would run away for a week or so every so often when the neighbor would take care of us.

As far as I know my brother still has issues as I do but we are not a close family at this point.

I was held back from starting school 2 years until I could make it through the time with training pants; the school nurse also had diapers my mother provided should I need a change; I was not the only one in the first grade that had to visit the nurse for this reason sometimes.

I can continue this long experience if it is of any use to anyone; it is kind of wierd to tell this to anyone even myself.

Alainauh Alainauh
51-55, M
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

i'm in my 60s and wear 24/7 my high school years were the worst for me as i'm incontinnet both ways and to make matters worse our school had no doors on the stalls and in my day and age its was cloth no disposables and my father was very hard on me when it came to this problem ,for example my grand mother had made me training pants but my father would not let me wear them had to wear diapers like a baby to further the embarrassment so i had to go the nurse to get changed