My Mom Diapered And Changed Me Until I Was Almost 19.

 I grew up learning to actually enjoy needing to be diapered, and always changed by my Mom, 24/7.  Eversince i could remember, my Mom took full charge of changing my diapers.  the teasing in school was made bearable, simply by having my diapers changed by the school nurse.  Even puberty making it's explosive debut all over my mom's hand and arm, didn't alter her devotion to making sure i was always comfortable and satisfied.

Maybe it was because i was never potty trained like everyone else, or because i was diapered 24/7 and not just for bedwetting etc..  And, maybe it was because i wasn't ever punished or shamed while my mom was changing my diapers, but instead, treated with care and devotion.  maybe, for those reasons and others, i never felt like others have mentioned, embarrassed or self-conscious, while laying there, and watching my mom wipe and clean me, during my diaper changes.  Maybe someone else here, has experienced the samekind of uninhibited feeling of being a grown teenager, and not bothered by having their Mom changing their diapers?  Regardless, being diapered and changed by my Mom, was always something that not only was pleasureable to me.  But also made me feel open enough, to just talk about anything in the meantime. 

Hopefully, i'm not the only one who was diaper changed by their Mom, through adulthood.  And, i look forward to hearing from others too.


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I have wet the bed my whole life. My mother never put me back in diapers until I was about twelve. After many doctors finding nothing the matter with me my mother decided I was just lazy and if I got embarrased enough I would quit. The most embarrasement came on summer vacations we would take car trips with my aunt and her daughters. I got car sick so mom gave me pills that made me sleepy. Because of this even at ten years old I traveled mostly wearing only underpants with a waterproof pad on the seat. I was small for my age so if I had to pee on the road my mom would pull over take me out, take my underpants off and i would stand naked while she help my penis like a two year old and I would pee. Sometimes she would leave my underpants off and I would ride naked. If we stopped at a rest area my mom would put a long tee shirt on me and I was the only boy we would go into the ladies room where my mom would take me into a stall and without closing the door make me lift my shirt and she would hold me to pee

wow nice

When I was young I was a bedwetter but for a long time my mom would not LET me wear diapers and most mornings I would wake up with wet pjs and bed. I had a friend who also was a bedwetter and his mom diapered him. Many weekends I would stay there and she would diaper me too it felt so good to wake up with just a wet diaper and Dry bed. His momtalked to my mom and takKed her into diapering me. It so good itfelt so good waking up a wet diaper and drive bed.

I finially made my first holy communion at 14 and had to wear the communion dress,veil,tights and mary jane shoes.cloth diapers and plastic pants had to be worn under the tights,so when we got home,mom took me to my room and had me lay on my bed,pulled down my tights and plastic pants and removed the diapers and then pinned fresh ones on me for my party.she just wanted me to have fresh diapers for my party and the rest of the day.

as i said it was not for me i found it to be just what they wanted it to be very embarrassing at 25 to have your mother change your wet & dirty diapers and it was done in front of who ever was there at the time family friends and strangers i hated it

Do you still any relationship with your mother at all?

i did up to 4yrs ago when she passed

NOT ME I had my diapers change by by mother until I was almosst and that was not by my choice but be incontinnect my my parents felt that as long as i could'nt use the toilet i a teen or adult then iwas to diapered like a baby and so it was til Ileft the house at almost 26

Has your mother ever changed the diapers of other older people?

I am one that would have loved loved my mother to diaper me forever, I think I would have been very embarrassed if and when I had an explosion while being diapered by her, but as long as she did not get all upset by it, and the many times I am sure it would have happened again, things would have been even better. I am still looking for that woman that enjoys letting me be who I want to be, a baby girl, even though I am really a boy. I just want all the love, caring, and enjoyment of being that baby girl I soo much love being at any time of day or night! I hope we all find that special person in our lives, and for those of you that are lucky enough to have that now, that is just wonderful. Love being a pretty baby girl!

I soo much wish my mother would have allowed me to be in diapers and her being the one that was putting them on me, as late in life as some of you have and are still enjoying! I am not sure if I could have handled the first time I ever had that happen to me by my mother though! I would be alright if she did not get all upset and knew that it would happen a few or more times again, then I would not be too embarrassed.

I've worn diapers my whole life; I'm 18 now. My Dad takes care of it most of the time for me though. Just thought I'd say hi, and that they will probably keep taking care of my diapers through college. I don't want it to stop for a while :-)

I sure wish I had been diapered and changed by my mom till I was say 50! I know I would ask her to do so for me up until my middle twenties, but she always refused, said that I must be crazy! I am very happy to hear that at least somebody got to enjoy their life every time mommy diapered them, no, matter how old they were~

I just told her that I love wearing diapers and that I want to be a baby but they want nothing to do it

I wish I could be as lucky as you my parents want nothing to do with my baby side

we've had parents tell us how they've caught their teenager wearing "diapers" or found their hidden "stash" of diapers. and the parents didn't know how to deal with it, without shaming their kid. so, we've had several successes in helping the parents understand and even support, their teen's ab/dl side. how have you shared your "babyside" with your parents?

I am diapered every day - I do not have a mom to change me but two really lovely ladies - I am kind of their baby - I am very small and they cary me and change me and murse me and tuck me in at night - they are a couple and I am their little one. It is really neat but then I don't know any other way in life. I am 19 years old and still trapped in the body of a baby about the3 size of an 2 year old. Not to bad!

Would these two lovely ladies ever consider including a larger sized person?

Do your kids friend's ever get to see them having their diapers changed?

rarely. very rarely, has any of their friends even cared to.

It sounds like you had a nice childhood. I bet you were mortified when you accidently ********** on your mom's arm. Was she nice about it and not embarrass you?

no, i wasn't "mortified" as much as i was surprised at how different (and pleasureable) it was from when i'd uncontrolably pee.
and my mom was more than nice about it. seems like she had been expecting puberty to be doing that soon. so, she had her version ready. as well as her "remedy" for all future erections, at diaper changes or at any other time i felt the urge of needing to be "milked". which, quite honestly. i took full advantage of, without any shame or embarrassment, knowing what i was really enjoying having her do for me.

Wow your mommy would fix your erections for you? You were lucky :)

i am 17 now and my mom never stopped diapering me since i was born so basically it is a way of life for me i have always had either the school nurse of my mom change me it is always nice to be able to talk to your mom when your being changed i would honestly have to agree with you there

it's always good to hear from others who grew up enjoying being diapered, like me and out kids. you are around our kid's age, and just like you mentioned. they especially enjoy being able to discuss whatever is on their mind, while having their diapers changed. especially, since they're not inhibited by having being touched "down there', they enjoy feeling free to discuss their most deep intimate feelings, or ask us about things they've heard from their friends or other kids at schoo. things that most other teenagers would be too scared, or embarrassed to ask their own parents.
how did your mom get to have a school nurse change your diapers in high school? neither my mom, nor my wife, ever got diapers changed in high school.

do you see your mom continuing to diaper you 24/7 for as long as she sees fit? or, is she leaving that up to you? the reason i ask, is because i was almost 19, when my mom passed away. but, if she hadn't passed away, she would have continued forever! on the otherhand, our kids have always had "the option", to have us stop diapering them. but, neither one of them have shown any interest in not wanting to be diapered by us.

your input is deeply appreciated. i hope you will continue to share your feelings about being diapered by your mom. is it possible to give your our email address, or you can give us yours? we would like to share more details, or have our kids the opportunity to ask.


i too loved being diapered by my mom but she too passed when I was 21.. I felt I could talk to her about any thing. Are you still diapering your kids

My Mom diapered me up through my teens for bed wetting and now my wife diapers me and it is true that the feeling of being diapered is great as i feel submissive and cared for

hi, jimmy,
it's always a great feeling to hear from others who can relate to what i've enjoyed, and still do. especially, when it comes to recognizing some of the common pleasures that being diapered by our mom/wife or close friend give us.
what i would like to know is. don't you feel other great things, other than just submissive and cared for? or were you just a little too embarrassed to mention them too?
if you share yours, i'll share mine, as well as those expressed to us by our kids. because, there are a lot of others who would benefit from knowing all the other things that are enjoyed while being diapered, especially a mom or wife or gf etc.. but, too afraid to ask.
thanks for your comments.

Same thing but I have to ware papers size 4 dipper. When we go out I have toward just a shirt and dippers and shos.

it's good to hear that we're not the only ones who are not inhibited about being seen wearing only a t-shirt and our diapers. why do you wear those little size 4 disposables?

Hi Alice,<br />
<br />
I've just turned 17, and like you, my mum never stopped diapering me.<br />
<br />
I've been in diapers ever since I was born. I have photos in my photo album of me being all kinds of ages.<br />
<br />
My mum and dad and rest of my family still recognize me as a baby. How I see it, is i'm a 17 year old boy, in the body of a toddler, i'm quiet small, baby diapers fit me.<br />
<br />
I've never had a proper bedroom. I've always had a nursery. A change table, I know have an adult one which is around 6 foot in height. I have a large crib. I'm pushed in a pushchair (to some place not all), i eat in a high chair, and drink from a bottle, I have a dummy, i have a play pen. I got to bed at 6 pm every night. So i'd say i'm still a baby.<br />
<br />
I guess out of all the people who want to be diapered by their parents, we are lucky ones.

it's not too often that i hear from someone that is currently being raised in diapers and as a baby by their mum, well into their teens like i was many years ago.

i have a lot of questions and things to share with you, that i know you wouldn't get from most others who weren't raised like you and me. is there anyway i can email you? i can give you my personal email address, or you can give me yours. i can also attach photos of mine with my replies.

otherwise, in retrospect. i can definitely agree with you. WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES! and so are my kids, because they also grew up choosing the option to remain diapered and enjoy whatever kinds of baby things/activities they desire. in fact, our son is almost 17, like you are now. and our daughter is 15 now. and, although they primarily enjoy being diapered 24/7 and a few of their baby things like pacifiers and baby bottles. they still consider themselves LUCKY to be able to openly and freely enjoy their own personal and intimate pleasures while diapered and babied, without any worries about what we see them doing, or when and where. know what i mean?

by the way, do you get to enjoy being taken out in public, in your baby attire in that pushchair or a pram? i was, until i got too big. and although our son enjoyed being taken out in his until he was around 11. our daughter kept on enjoying it until last year. i have a lot more to share, but i can't do it here. only via email. hope to hear from you. alice

hi, jonathon,<br />
<br />
as much as i enjoyed always being diapered by my mom. there were many many times that she couldn't or wouldn't wait until i got home to get my wet/messy diapers changed. would you really "wish" you were me, if you knew that you would always be seen in public "well diapered" by everyone? even well into your late teens?<br />
would you have been able to handle being changed in places that someone might comeby and see?<br />
<br />
if so. then yes indeed. you might wish you were me. <br />
thanks for your comment.<br />
<br />

you're welcome, carl.<br />
and you''re absolutely right, there's nothing as comforting, and as pleasureable as having your diapers changed by your mom. my wife tries and does a good job. but, she's nowhere close to as good and exciting as my mom was.<br />
<br />
thanks for your comment.<br />
<br />

i wish i was you

me? why, exactly?