Still In Diapers

I grew up wearing diapers and enjoyed wearing them. wen I was 8 I still had accidence at night and during the day so my mom stopped potty training me and just desisted to keep me in diapers every day she diapered me and changed me. wen i turned 6 I started to wonder why everyone els used the toilet but my mom just tolled me that I was special. wen I turned 12 I started to hate wearing diapers at school the kids made fun of me wen I had to go to the nurse to be  changed but one day my mom let me go to school without diapers everything went great until after lunch I didn't even feel it coming I wet myself in the middle of class and was sent home on the way I pooped my pants in the car I was so embarrassed that I had to switch schools i now go to a school were everyone wears diapers. we can use our diapers in class and ask to go to the nurse to be changed. I didn't care about the teasing from others I loved wearing diapers. My mom wold change me on the floor of a restroom or on a public bench (until I was 13) she didn't care even wen I was 12 and i pooped  on her wen she was trying to change me she still changed me. One day I asked her if I cold be a baby to make this easier for me she agreed and my room was turned into a nursery with a crib and change table. I love being in diapers and I don't know what I do without them.

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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

I starting poopin in my pants at 12 years old, but i experimanted as early as 10, but i told parents it was and accident.