Same Here But It Was More Control

i was diapered or called over to be checked till i was almost 17,

even once at the mall my mother made me come over and ask me out loud if i was wet or not

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yes still in diapers and noor little control

I was like almost 18 when 1 day my mother called me over in the mall and ask me out loud if i was wet or dirty and even when i said no she knew i was liying and made me unfasten my pants and checked me she then undressed me right there in the middle of the mall and chanded my wetand dirty diaper my parents seemed to love embarrassing me all i can say about that day it was a good thing for me my father was'nt there or i would have had the belt bare *** as well. the things they got away with then. i have 2 sons 26 and 24 both have the problem and e neither of them were ever treated like that when they were younger and neeed to be checked it was done in private not even in front one another and the same whent for spankings yes they were'nt angeles but it was always done in private the only one ever present when my son needed a spanking bare butted was their mother and were they were young after they turned 11 this was between them and i and it wasnt often

yes i have been in diapers sense 19 full time whan i was hurt in a plane crash in viet nam