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Summer Camp ~ 6th Grade

i was a bedwetter  into high school and never realy wore diapers till i had my First Experience with them  at Summer Camp :

My Family never really discused my wetting but i wet thebe d pretty much every night into my teen years  well i was off to Summer camp (Catholic Camp) i was very much afraid of wetting my sleeping bag !  and was kinda a quiet kid . well my mother was talking with the concilor, and i believe i over heard disscusing my wetting porblems ...

Bedtime : we where all getting ready for bed and  the concilor called me into his seperate room.  and told me my mother had discussed my bedwetting issues and he suggested to her that i wear .. "PROTECTION "..because the sleeping bag will be soaked and take days to dry out ( old heavy cotton sleeping bag )

i wasnt quiet sure what that meant ? but i had an idea . like i said i was kinda shy and quiet kid so i didnt say anything . He proceeded to explain it was no big deall and lots of kids my age wear protection  for wetting . so he said "lets get you ready for bed ok " i just shook my head  and he told me to lay down on his bed  and proceeded to take of my pants and underwear . he them open a trunk full of diapers . pulled one out . held it up  and said this should work " " ok lift up your legs "he then slid thediaper under and adjusted it . the nopened it up and powdered me . talking about how this will help with any kind of rash and itching in the morning . he taped the diaper in place  and then had me stand up and adjuted it and asked if it felt snug ? . i simply said yes .. i put my pants back on and was told to go ahead back to my bunk how embarrssing ! .  walking out all dipaerd up silence came upon the room, and there was giggling , and i heard the word " Diaper".. i wanted to cry . then another kid was called in . huh i kkknew waht was happening  and was glad i wasnt the only one ! we became friends  and where diapered the rest of the 4 weeks everynight together  while we watched each other get diapered . and Yes i was wet most every night . we where told to just come into his room in the morning and have our diaper removed and leave it in his room for him to dispose of...and yes we where made fun of by a couple of kids . " Baby going to get diaperd " and stuff like that ...

 another storie for another time :   one morning i had to poop and was held back from using the bathroom......
ok then ......... i woke up in my wet diaper .... and was heading for the bathroom when  three other kids stopped me and pulled don my shorts to expose my soaked diaper and stated making fun again saying stuff like baby wet his diapers ! baby needs to change his diapers " and stuff ... they stood in front of me blocking the bathroom ... and wouldnt let me pass .. i was like " come on i have to go , squirming not to mess .... and they where like oh no .. baby has to use his diaper  like he already did ....... i struggled to get pass  but to no avail ... till i finally just let go ...... adn totaly filled my diaper with poo ...... and i started crying ......... and they all laughed as loud as they could .... and teased again how " baby **** his diapers !! " one of them even smaked my *** a few times  . i was  crying like a baby by then and just sat down on the floor ... iwanted to dye ! .. they all got a good laugh at that ... finnaly the councilor came in and took me by the hand ... and and said "  its ok lets get you cleaned up and took me to the showers .. and made everyone stay in the cabin till i was all cleaned ....that eveneing the concilor also made the three kids that teased me .. wear diapers themselves as punishment ... for them to see  what it was like to be in diapers .... and told them if they tease me again they  too would be in diapers everynight ! the teasing stopped   needless to say ......

pamperedchef pamperedchef 46-50, M 6 Responses Mar 23, 2010

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Did the tree kids rescept you after and did you ever become friends with them?

Yea I had a couple of friends there .. It was ok

That's good

Thanks for finishing the story. Sorry you got teased. Those three should of been kept in those nappies until they had wet and pooed them. That would have taught them a proper lesson. <br />
Do you poo in your nappies now your grown up? I do and love it!

yes i do mess them on ocasion

Glad to hear it. It's the best feeling in the world......well almost wink wink lol

I enjoyed your story - it would have been difficult to have experienced it, but it seems you had a really nice counselor to help you through it. I wonder if he was also a diaper lover - I would have loved to have had the job myself.

Yes I share the horriable memonries of being diapered and teased about it but it was better that waking up in a wet bed and being teaesd about that and yes I did'nt find out till I was like 15 but 1 of my closet friend was a bed wetter also

I would loved to have been counciler and changed your diapers

Come on don't tease us like that! What's the other story?