Thankfully, I Was Only In First Grade When I Was Repeatedly Diapered

--- By Becky Romero ---

Wow! I feel bad for those of you diapered at school at an older age than me (I was only 7 back in 1992 while repeatedly diapered in first grade).

For a several month period in first grade I had wet myself a number of times, to the point where my teacher had had enough. My accidents weren't caused by bladder or other serious health problems but by a old witch who believed in a strict bathroom schedule regimen in first grade back in 1992.

After wetting myself three times in a two week period, she called my parents and suggested they consider making me wear diapers or allow the school nurse to put me in them if I had another accident if I didn't bring a clean change of clothes. With my mom out of town, my idiot stepdad gave her permission! (Didn't know most of that part until after it was way too late and my mom and stepdad had a huge argument afterwards.)

I was warned by my teacher of the consequences of having another accident, but a girl who I didn't get along with purposely tickled me at recess a few days later causing me to wet myself really bad. Then she gleefully told our teacher once we were back in class that I had an accident. As if everyone knowing just that alone wasn't bad enough, with the nurse out that week my teacher (who was also our assistant principal at our small private school) took me into an empty classroom and put a diaper on me, telling me that my stepdad had said it was okay. I cried and carried on horribly of course.

The next day it happened again. When everyone left the classroom to go outside for lunch period, my teacher diapered me right on the floor next to her next desk, first removing my uniform skirt and then my soaked panties. Unfortunately, it had started sleeting outside and several classmates walked back in just as she was using baby wipes on me. Having two girls and a boy giggling and looking down at me as I was bottomless and watching me essentially get diapered like a baby, before my teacher shooed them away to their seats, was very shameful. Needless to say, the teasing was merciless and I regretted having teased a boy who had wet his pants the first week of school, telling him that he belonged in diapers. Karma can really come back and bite you sometimes!

I remember her diapering me every day the rest of that week, sometimes semi-privately (she didn't bother shutting the door in the spare classroom across the hall from ours), other times in our classroom on the floor by her desk during recess or lunch period, mostly - but not always - without anyone else observing. On the day we had P.E. class we girls, as usual, changed into shorts in the spare classroom. So while changing clothes all the other girls in class saw me in the diapers they already knew I had been put into earlier that morning. Several of my close girlfriends had to tell some of the other girls to stop teasing me.

The teacher also told me I had to start wearing diapers to school the following week or she'd call my step dad again and make sure I had them on before school or she'd put them on me right in our classroom before lessons started for the day. Thankfully, the nurse was back the following Monday and helped me to make sure I was wearing diapers before class started each day (yes, the teacher checked).

I only had two accidents that next week; the nurse changed me once in private but unfortunately the next day my teacher did so during recess in our classroom when the nurse was busy treating someone's scraped leg. She did not care one iota that several of my classmates who knew I had an accident outside, both girls and boys, came back into the classroom to linger, watch and giggle.

Thankfully, Christmas vacation soon started and my mom (now back from out of town) and stepdad had a huge fight about all this (they finally divorced when I was in high school). But I was so scared of having any more accidents once school resumed that I wouldn't drink anything before bedtime or before or at school. That eventually caused me to get dizzy and dehydrated at school several times. By that point my mom was so infuriated at my teacher that I was given permission to use the bathroom any time when needed. Which is how it should be at schools everywhere.

Unfortunately, many students are not given what should be a basic human right. A University of Iowa Health Care survey of nearly 500 elementary school teachers found that almost 80% of teachers said that they set scheduled times for student bathroom breaks. Even more disturbing was that one-third of these teachers said students were told to wait if they pleaded for a bathroom break during the middle of class. School principals and teachers aren't forced to wait and potentially wet themselves. Why should kids be?

In the grand scheme of things, worse things have happened that I've dealt with and survived. But I really do feel for kids who weren't so lucky to overcome things like that or have had far worse things happen to them by teachers. I have nothing against first-grade teachers, but she was a real witch. OK, I didn't exactly get off on the right foot with her, calling her 'Snotty Face' to other students (her name sort of rhymed with that) and got spanked in class when she overheard me just weeks into the school year. So I guess maybe she figured I needed to be made an example of. My modesty was of absolutely no concern to her and the shame of being repeatedly exposed and diapered over a two week period and a handful of times after that was just something I had to learn to live with - along with all the teasing that came as a result of it.
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This story reminded me that in kindergarten through first grade I had a peeing problem. I was the almost always the only kid who would wake up after naptime with a pissy cot and had to change clothes, but in first grade I didn't get a change of clothes. I was forced to stay in smelly pee clothe all day and I wore skirts. My teacher even had to assign a chair to me because I would pee in it. This was all a result of having assigned bathroom breaks and our bathroom was inside our room.

Wow is this true? That's so wrong. I'm sorry that happened to you. Jesus, that's horrible.

Hi, akernoe,

Like the girl in the store you mentioned in your comment, I too was made to pee in my diaper after foolishly asking to go to the bathroom.

The week I started being diapered, one day I asked to be excused to go pee. Being refused by the teacher only put me in the spotlight, with everyone watching and waiting for the inevitable - knowing it also meant the diaper would need changing.

I guess it served me right for having teased that boy who had wet his pants the first week of school.

I broke out lucky I never had to wear diapers in school.

And I thought seeing an 8 year old neighbour kid in Pampers in the 1970s was bad enough! Kid lived downt he street and aruond the corner from me, and I am ashamed to say we teased him mercilessly.

Fast forward a few years and I'm at work in retail. It's busy and this kid comes in with her mom. She kept trying to get her mom's attention: "No honey..." "BUT MOMMY I HAVE TO PEE!"

"Just go in your diaper, that's why you're wearing one sweetie." We were stunned. The whold place went quiet when this girl - about six or seven - had a meltdown. I felt really sorry for her!


Hi, winniecpr,

Yes, I was forced to wet myself while wearing the diapers several times, which meant I got both checked and changed during the middle of the day.

I couldn't wait to take them off when I got home.

Becky, I was just wondering if on the days they made you wear the diapers, did they make you use them then as well? And were you allowed to take them off when you got home from school?


It sucks that this story just won't die down for you, even nearly 20 years later. I am hoping that it hasn't caused you the grief that it does cause to some others. I never had an issue occur like this, except one first grade teacher that didn't want to let me go to the potty (the deuce...). I finally did make it into the bathroom, but by then it was too late and it was messy. My mom was called, and of course, she had to come pick me up, but she never made an issue of it, and I got the afternoon off from school, as if I'd been sick, but I wasn't. Truthfully, I don't believe that incident had anything to do whatsoever with my current love of diapers (since that had actually started just after I was taken out of diapers prematurely..) and childlike things, but that one day in frist grade is burned into my memory.

I said it before and I'll say it again, the (witchy & retentive) teacher was WAY out of line or you wouldn't have to still even think about this decades later, but I also think you're doing great at handling the whole affair, from what I've read. I pray that you don't hold anything against those of us that wear by choice, especially since we're the ones that populate this group and others like it. I don't see anything in your EP experiences that lends me to think that you're a DL or AB, so I'm taking it that you just showed up in this experience because of the incident that's stuck in your brain. Be easy on those that are here because they were bedwetters, or were chastised and humiliated with diapers as kids. It's a tough thing to forget. In my case, whatever initial experiences (kid baby play) I had in my 2nd-4th year of life, the cast was solidified right then, long before I had any clue of a sexual nature. Diapers and acting like a baby was just so much fun, I never wanted to give it up. All these decades later, I'm ok with how it all has turned out now, too, although there are many times I thought my affairs with diapers would end as I grew into adulthood, etc. It still gives my wife the occasional "pause", though she's a trooper for putting up with this slightly offbeat behaviour.

There are plenty of people that make this "diaper wearing" choice at a later point in their life, perhaps with only distant memories of "some incident" they may have had as a kid. Whatever it is that brings us together here, it should be realized it's a normal part of humanity to be different (weirdly so) than each other. The only thing that is not ok is adults messing with kids brains in a bad way at an early formitive time in their lives. Your (witchy-bitchy) teacher just went over the line I'm afraid.

Oh, well. You seemed to have turned out fine.

Take care,


Hi. Sorry to hear about your lousy experience also.

The diapers she put me in were regular baby diapers like Pampers with I guess it was Velcro or something that she used to connect the front and back around my waist since they were small and I was 7 at the time. As with you, everyone in my class knew I was wearing them and some of my classmates saw me in them or being changed, which only added to the teasing.

The most humiliating aspects of it all was having no choice but to pee myself in them during the course of the day, knowing it would mean I'd be checked and changed; the times she diapered me with no regard to privacy; having to change clothes for P.E. class along with the other girls; and dealing with the embarrassment at home with my stepdad and brothers.

Thank goodness I only had to deal with it for about two weeks and a few more times after that, all during first grade. The teasing of course lasted longer but eventually died down and soon become more of an annoyance than bringing me to the verge of tears. Between having been diapered and spanked, I had to learn - while I wouldn't exactly say laugh about it - to acknowledge it when it was talked about to new classmates during the years. Inevitably, almost every year there would be some new boy who wanted to see if I was still wearing them. Even though I wasn't of course, it was the perfect excuse for him to flip up my skirt without warning.

Earlier this year, some of us got together to have a10th anniversary of our 8th grade graduation class. Just about a dozen or so of us met, some with spouses, but one of the girls just had to mention about me being diapered in first grade - saying so in front of her husband after introducing us! He laughed hysterically.

That happened to me throughout private grade school in the sixties. I had several accidents through second grade. The nuns were quite kind back then, I was reprimanded in front of my classmates. paddled in private and diapered by the school nurse. Back then all they had were thick cloth diapers and plastic pants, so everyone around me knew I was diapered. School was hell on me for years. Perhaps the reason I wear diapers to this day and enjoy spanking as well.

Hi, elprup. Keep in mind that this was almost 20 years ago, back in 1992. My teacher was 60'ish at the time; she had been teaching since the 1950s. She was set in her ways and was the assistant principal as well. She started teaching in the days when they'd bash a girl's knuckles for hiking her skirt up too high.

I'm sure that in her mind she felt students needed more than simple 'potty training' before starting first grade but also needed to learn to 'hold it' for extended periods of time. Our private school had a strict bathroom time regimen. If you needed to go at a time other than the regularly practiced two times a day when a whole class lined up in the hallway and then went to the bathrooms at the same time, you were either at the mercy of your teacher or out of luck. You were left to squirm uncomfortably at your desk until the next bathroom break or until the end of the day - unless you had an accident.

Although I was certainly humiliated and utterly shamed by her diapering me and by those times when that was observed by others, I'd be hesitant to tag it with the 'abuse' label. My embarrassment was nothing compared to the sick, twisted things of a sexual nature that a small percentage of teachers do to students today.

When I hear about the awful things that some kids have had to endure, I really have to feel grateful and fortunate that my worse experiences at school in my early grades were a few spankings, exposure and being diapered.

While not to excuse what my teacher did, my mom handled it without making a federal case out of it as some parents today would. And aside from the few additional times my teacher diapered me that school year and the occasional teasing about it I heard for years from classmates, that all became just part of my growing up experiences.

Hi, ABDreamz. I'm O.K. with it now. In the grand scheme of things, worse things have happened that I've dealt with and survived. But I do feel for kids who weren't so lucky to overcome things like that or have had far worse things happen to them by teachers. Becky Romero

That's was a terrible thing for the teacher to do, no matter what you might have called her in the beginning. I'd guess that if something like this were to happen today, there'd be grounds for a lawsuit, even with the consent of your step-dad.

Sorry it happened to you. Hope it hasn't messed with your mind.