Diapered At Night - Again

The first time I got diapered for a week for having "addicents" in the bed.   This happened 2 months ago.

Since then I was "accidnet" free for about a month.  I had one.  Then another and then in the course of a week I had three.  My wife didn't say anything about it until I had an "accident" while spooing with her.  That morning she woke up in a puddle.  She shook me  awake and said,"You peed on me." She got up to take a shower and I got up to wash the sheets.  We went abotu the rest f our day and didn't talk about it until it was time to go to bed.

She said the same thing she said last time, "You need to wear a diaper to bed."  So I went and got diapered and came back.  She looked at me and then asked,"Didn't you buy some plastic pants a while ago?"  She is refering to January I was on ebay and I bought several pairs.  They were cheap and over the months I had them they fell apart.  I only had one pair left.  So i said, "Yeah."  She said,"Go put them on cause last time your diaper leak on the bed."

Side note:  The only pair I have left happens the be a pair of locking plastic pants.  I was really horny when I bought them, they turned out to be unconvientent becuase you need someone else to hold the key or whats the point.  Anyway I never used them.

I went and got them they were still in the plastic shipping package.  I took them out, put them on and didn't say a word about the locks.  I was walking to turn off the light and she said, "Is that a blet?"  I said,"yeah, wierd hun?"  And tried to get in bed without her noticing.  She said,"Come here, let me see."  Now I was getting turned on.  I always wanted her to do this but jsut not sure how she would react.

She looked at the pants and the locks and laughed.  She said,"Your kidding right."  She then said,"give me the key".  i gave her the key and she said,"I'm not giving it back till I wake up tommorow."

That night I wet my diaper becuase its fun and then I woke up at 8:30 ish.  I made breakfast wet again and at 10:00 or so I had to poop.  I went in the bedroom and before I even got the bed she said,"I'm not awake yet."  I told her,"I need to poop can I have the key please." 

She sat up looked at me and said,"Your wearing a diaper and I am not awake yet"  I said,"Ok."   She said,"So....Leave me alone and go potty in your pants."

That was on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

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I need a lady like that Some guys have all the luck! haha