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Got Diapered For Being Too Concerned Abour Classmate Who Was Turning 13 Years Old

Billy was a whining crybaby at school who sat on the boy's swings by himself at every recess. It had been this way all through elementary school. Not only was he crybaby, but he lied about everything, even about things there was no reason to lie about. He was universally disliked. There were a couple ov guys like myself (two others besides me) who weren't mean to him, but were not overly nice to him either--just rather neutral about him mostly because his mother knew our mothers.
It was summer, and Billy's mother wanted him to have a special birthday party as he was turning 13 and she wnted some boys over for a sleepover. He had never had a sleepover before because he was a bedwetter. He had enough problems at school without everyone knowing he wore diapers to bed every night with plastic baby panties.
Billie's mom called our mothers and wanted to know if we would attend his birthday party and sleepover without telling everyone at school about his diapers. Leave it to my mom to guarantee that the secret be kept. She suggested that after the pizza party and birthday cake and ice cream were consumed, she simply announce in front of Billy that if any of the other boys had wet their beds i the past two years, to let her know, ahe she would put diapers on us when it was time to get ready for bed. Of course, our moms had made it perfectly clear thqt we were to wear diapers to bed that night, and were to use them if at all possible so that Billy wouldn't feel bad about being diapered and wetting himself at night. With a number of threats as well bribes, the three ofus agreed to cooperate.
The birthday party was pretty lame, since none of us were reaaly friends with one another. But the chow was good. A bit later,as planned, Billy's mom asked us if any one had wet their beds in the pastcouple of years and wanted to wear protection that night especially since we were guzzling soda by the bottles. Billy looked awfully surprised when we all admitted to having occasionally wet our beds in the last several years'
Mrs; G called us into the bathroom and put us in diapers privately, with Billy going first. The diapers with the baby pants were pretty obvious under our pj's, but it wasn't too bad except having Mrs. G see each of us naked. But she was a nurse by profession, and a single mother besides, so it was just like going to the doctor's office. Still, it wasn't very comfortable to undress in front of her.
We played around for a couple of hours and finally went to sleep on the floor of their family room.
About 7 the next morning, I woke up to find Sylvia, a neighbor girl who lived a few housed away from Billy, in the family room talking to Billy. Sylvia was in the same grade as us, and I hd a secret crush on her. I heard her tell Billy that his mom was clled in to work on her day off due to a staff shortage, and his mom called her to come and babysit us as she was his regular babysitter and knew his routine.
I couldn't belive it. The first thing I checked was my diaper, and yes, it wqs not only damp, but it was soaked. I heard Billy tell Sylvia that his diapers were also wet. Luckily for the, when Sylvia went around checking on the condition of the diapers, only Billy'and mine were wet. Sylvia told the other boys to get dressed and that Billy nd I were to go with her upstairs. She said that breakfast would be ready in 45 minutes. Billy and I followed Sylvia upstairs with our clothes.
She took Billy into the bathroom, took off his diapers and baby pants and gave him a quick bath. He left the bathroom with just his briefs on and got dressed in his room. Sylvia motioned to me that it was my turn and told me to join her in the bathroom. This was not the way I wanted to meet the girl I had a crush on. She helped me take off my pj top, and then had me lie down on changing pad. She worked my pj bottoms off, and unpinned my diaper and removed it, placing them into Billy's diaper pail along with to wet baby pants. Looking ever so sweeetly into my eyes, she thanked me for wering the diapers and even using them. She told me that was all Billy could talk about when she was changing him. She bent over and kissrd me on the mouth, more than juswt a peck. She had me get up and gave me a quick bath and dried me off. She told me that Billy really got on kids nerves at school, but that we would talk about it later. She said that before today she didn't relly like me, but after wht I did for Billy, she liked me whole lot.and just hoped I would be coming over to Billy's house a lot more in the future. I did start stying over and saw Billy's mom treat Billy like n 18-month old toddler. I slept with him in his crib that was in the nursery. No wonder he was a crybaby, he was truly a sissy. Sylvia and I had a couple of years as a couple. She never told anyone about Billy and his diapers nor about his friends at the sleepover.
Dippityduf Dippityduf 61-65, M 3 Responses Aug 16, 2010

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Wow your a good friend and it looks like you and billy got great things

There was a young LADY-not a girl. She would definitely have been a keeper!! I bet she made some guy a great wife.

There was a young LADY-not a girl. She would definitely have been a keeper!! I bet she made some guy a great wife.