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Diapered By Mom

I was and still am a wetter .growning up by the time I turned 7 and was still wetting the bed i was returned to diapers and rubber pants  and spankings every morning by dad this became worse because at the age 11. I started having daytime problems as well and now I'm not just wetting and the doctors saying I will growout of it well the spanking had turned to beating and my mother not letting me change myself it was very embarrassing to have my mother change me because this became a issuse at school and I was put on home instrution for a while when i returned to school 2 years later I had have a change including fresh diapers in the nurses office had be checked twice a day by the nurse if I was just wet i was allowed to change myself but toldi could redress till she examine me to make did have a rash .  if i was messed the nurse would change me and every once in awhile she would  take my temp  and of course this the mid  50's early 60's there  no digtals or forehead thermeters so it taken in the rectum . to make matters worse Iwas questioned some times about the  belt welts  on my backside and I had to tell them that got abare butt whiping this morning because i wet myself last night . everymorning my father would wake me up and if my diapers or the bed was wet I got a bare butt beating with the belt and diapered by my mom until moved out at 25
TONYBW TONYBW 61-65, M 4 Responses Oct 14, 2010

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Terrible it but was 40 pluss years ago things were looked at alot differently then they today today must parents understand incontinence back then it was more of a behavioral problem and was dealt with by punishment including beatings and embarrassment

That is terrible I'm pretty sure that should not be allowed

TONYBW, I regret very much that you were spanked by your father. It seems that many parents, especially years ago, punished their bedwetting children, even though it should have been obvious to any intelligent person that a person can't 'try harder' to avoid doing something while he is asleep.<br />
My parents never punished me for bedwetting, but I wasn't allowed to wear diapers after I was seven, so I guess that was a form of punishment. I wanted to wear them because I liked being able to wake up in a dry bed. Like you, I have always been a bedwetter. I wear diapers day and night now, and I appreciate the sense of security and peace of mind they give me.

Very true I have had that happen