I Got Diapered

it was a summer time we where out of school and  we was playing  in the yard I was about7 then and I had abig brother and a little brother he was2 and asister of 3 they where in diapers at the time and playing in the yard to than  it happen I pee my pants and my big brother ran and told on me and come back out and said mom wanted me to tell to come in the house now I did not why I had to in but I headed  in and she was at the door waiting for me told   me to go to  the little kids bedroom and wait for her she came in and ask me what happen here i said i peed my pants and  she said take them off and give them to her she put them in the diaper pail  used a diaper wipe and wiped me off than layed some diapers down in the crib with pins and plastic pants and  than I got diapered after she pin them on said oh thats abig thick diaper I hope i can fine some plastic pants that well fit over your diapers ok I found some they where my 3 year old sister pink plast pants and she put them on me and said ok you go back out side  and play and ILL call you in for dinner.I did not want to  go out  in front  everyone in my diapers and pink plastic pants and she said you need a hat than put a pink baby hat  on me and said outside or  crib so i went back outside everyone was looking at me and smiling but no one said any thing  about me in diapers I played to dinner time  after dinner  I watch tv with my big brother still in my diapers and the kids jest  had a bath and they  where standing in Line by couch and my mom said to my little brother how he been a good boy and having dry nights and that  he can wear training  pants than your brother can wear your diapers tonight cause he wet his bed last night so he can sleep jn the crib and my little brother can use the bed.I started crying about having towear diapers and rubber pants she said      if I keep  it up  ILL be in diapers every night and the crib too oh its bed time for the babys come give me hugs and kiss and go get in the crib good night. I had a wet diaper the  next day so i got diapered at night  till  i was 16
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Dang that's harsh

what size diaper?

some people just shouldn't be parents...<br />
humiliating you when you're already being humiliated

Wow you made me pee my diaper

I have to wear diapers and I get spanked when <br />
I wet the bed

yet another person! :(

That sounds like a good day and night to me ;-)