My Diapered Summer

Ok. so i was in the 9th grade, and it was the last day of school. When i got home, i had the house all to myself. So i went to watch tv. i fell asleep and i guess about two hours later my parents came home. I was watching some show and it made me real excited, so i had been rubbing my junk. when my mom came in the room, and woke me up, i still had my hand all over my ****. She saw it, and went crazy!!! she yelled at me for like half an hour. eventually when she was done, the best thing that i could think to say was " stop yelling like a baby." that was a mistake. she then went on for another hour on about how i was the baby, and if i wanted to play with my junk, then i could spend the rest of my life like a baby. Now my sister at the time was like 3. so we still had a crib and all the baby suplies that we could ever need. My mom dragged me into her room and locked me in there. She left the house and came back with adult diapers, and elmo pull-ups. At that moment i started screaming and crying in protest, but she was determined to punish me. She layed me over her lap, and she ******** me. she put the diaper on me and put me in the crib. then she gave me a bottle of some wierd milk. it didnt taste quite normal. ten min. later i had to poop, so my mommy lifted me out of the crib, and placed me on the floor, she said go, so i walked to the potty, to find it locked. again she said go, so i started screaming. she took me and put me on her lap. she held me there until i couldnt hold it anymore. i let it all out, and when my mom felt me let it go, she bounced me on her lap until it was smooshed all over my butt and my balls. She then took me out to the car, and i found that she had bought a carseat, and she strapped me in. i asked her where we were going. she said that we were gonna go get me some clothes. and at this point all i had on was a diaper. i protested again, so she slapped my butt and told me that we were going to get me some clothes that babies can wear. when we got to the mall, she pulled out this stroller that was big enough to hold and adult. she strapped me in and gave me a binki. and again i had to go to the potty. i knew that she wasnt going to let me out of the stroller, so i just went in my already messy diaper. she could smell me all the way to the store, but she didnt say anything until we were in the middle of the store. and she didnt even take me to a changing room, she changed me in the middle of the store. she yelled, "did a baby make a poopy?" and then she layed all of the stuff she needed out on the ground, layed me down and changed me right there. After we had gotton all of the stuff we needed she took me home. she then put me to bed in this new caged crib that she bought, and took my bed out of my room. she gave me some more of the poopy milk, and told me that my whold summer was going to be like this, and also that the first month of school next year, she was going to have me wear a diaper, and the nurse was to change me at lunch and my second and fourth period teachers are to change me in front of the class.
-------btw: my cousin used my profile to write this... :)
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What a load of BS

Dam all that from just rubbing your junk I rub mine every hour

Is it true because if it is I am sorry for you I can not tell what is real and fake after having a stroke at the age of eight

You had a stroke? Wow I'm very sorry.

Yeah no lie I'm messed up from it

Great story.....sounds fun. Intetesting

It sounds too fake, but it's still a good story. :D

I don't think you guys realized that he was kidding. XD

i wish my mom would do that

oh wait your cousin made it up, never mind!<br />
unless he shared this story and it IS real

why are parents so mean!?!?!?!?<br />
i am so lucky.

oh ****

Gotta go change <br />
my messy diaper<br />
Cool story!