Babysitter Humiliation

When I was about 5 or 6 my parents decided that they were going to go away for a long weekend and that I would be staying with some friends of theirs. I did not like this as it was the first time away from my parents other than with relatives. I cried and cried for several hours after they left and I was put in the guest room till i calmed down. That afternoon while playing outside my stomach started to act up, I guess from the nervousness. I continued to play with the other children until the unfprtunate happened. I pooped my pants and there was poop all over my back and legs. I went back to the house and the babysitter lifted me up and carried me to the bathroom. She shut the doors and began to striip me of my clothes. While getting this done, I had another accident. Sice she had made plans to take us out that night, she felt that it would be better if I had a diaper on. She proceeded to put five cloth diapers on me and then the rubber pants. I filled these up as well. For the remainder of my time with them I was kept in diapers without any pants on.
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Cool that's sounds fun to me

is your babysitter still available?

Awesome story. So did it go farther?

My mom and sister made me wear diapers and plastic pants when We went on long trips or if I stayed over at some friends house. At an early age this is humiliating for your friends to find out. But once everyone knew, the giggling stopped.

at least u werent like older than 7 cuz at 5 yrs old everyone just thinks u had a lil accident but older than 7 evryone thinks theres somptin rong with u