Birthday Party

It was when I was a pre-teen. My Mom was having a party for my birthday. It was just some neighborhood kids, and a few close relatives. My Mom got me all dressed for the party. I wore a nice new shirt and pants, so I would look nice. I was so excited about the party, that I had an accident and wet my pants. My Mom was furious that i wet my new pants. "Now what will you wear for the party!" she said. "I have the outfit for you", she continued.
She put me in my room and told me to *****. I removed my pants and briefs, then my Mom returned with diapers and plastic pants that had been stored away. My Mom diapered me and sent me downstairs to where people had arrived for the party. I spent the day opening my presents, and eating birthday cake, and ice cream, while wearing a diaper and plastic pants.
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I was embaressed, but I soon forgot that I was waering a diaper and enjoyed the party. I think that I did use the diaper, because I slept that night in a diaper and plastic pants. I was wet when I woke the next day.

I wake up every day in wet diapers

I am working on getting some pictures.