Diapered While Drunk

It was me and a long time friend were having fun drinking my home made drinks i was diapered at the time with a.b.u. cruisers she was not diapered to start with she was 25 I'm 22 wish i had a pic of that night any way early in the night we were both well drunk and trying to play b.f3 we had a little game going on between us that as u died u had to start taking off Ur close every time are guy died well it was just a matter of a short period of time before we got down to just what we were wearing me a diaper and her underwear by that time i was well wet and vary in need of a change well she died again and well she would not take her last stuff off so i had a deal with her if she diapered me i would diaper her and that way she wouldn't be naked well then we went back to playing bf3 after a little bit she was well wet and so was i by then the alcohol had taken full effect and we were vary tired by that time so we changed each other one more time then we went to bed and when we woke up we were both so wet the diapers had leaked so we got up changed each other one last time before she left it was the best night iv had yet hope to do it again soon fill free to comment & enjoy and for those pepole who dont know what bf3 is its battle field 3 and i was playing on ps3
chaoskiller chaoskiller
26-30, M
Apr 9, 2012