Diapered At Night - 3rd Time

I was on my way home from work on Friday and ended up in a traffic jam. I felt the need to poop any other day I would wait till I got home. Today I was feeling extra naughty so I pushed enough poop to make a small bulge and coat the inside of my white underwear. At the same time I wet my pants enough to get a 6-8in dark wet spot.

I got home my wife noticed my dirty pants and I proceeded to share my story about the traffic jam and having no other place to go. She did not believe me one bit and instead suggested I did it on purpose for attention.

I was speechless and kind of choked on my words and she said "See you just wanted some attention." to which I replied "I guess so." She said "Well go take a shower and throw those underwear away, I am not washing those."

I took a shower and I was getting clothes out of my dresser when my wife stopped me. She handed me a t-shirt and a diaper. I immediately got rock hard. I laid my diaper out on the bed I added powder and a suppository because why wear a diaper unless you going to make a mess in it. I joined her on the couch for some TV view and I could already feel the suppository doing its work. I finished eating dinner put our plates away and I came back and stood in front of her till she noticed me.

"Yes?" I asked if she would spank me. "Do I have too?" I said "No but it would make my day." She said "Ok go get my big hair brush." I brought it out and started to laid across her lap with my feet on the ground and my *** about to give way. She spanked my diapered butt 5 times and said "Ok" I said "Thats it? I pooped in my pants on purpose and all I get is 5 spankings?"

She said, "Your right 25 more hard ones." I in turn got hard and five spankings later I farted it was very wet one of those farts where you know something else came out too. She continued and at 15 I let some more poop escape. At 20 spankings I could not hold on any longer, I farted again accompanied by more poop and then some gurgling sounds and more poop until my diaper was full.

At that point she said "Ok, i think you have been spanked enough mister poo poo pants. Go clean up." I took another shower and came back to the bed room to find a set of PJs and a diaper waiting for me. I put the diaper on and pulled on the PJs to discover there were a little small and my diaper was clearly visible.

I am still in my diaper right now but I think I am all out of poop.
discoman35 discoman35
26-30, M
Sep 9, 2012