Diapered Bedwetter

I was first put back in diapers at night when I was 8. I had gone through the usual potty training struggles and worn night diapers until 4, but my "advanced" bedwetting started at 8. After a few weeks of wet beds in the morning I guess Mom just had enough. So one evening after brushing my teeth I went into my room to put PJs on and get into bed to find Mom there, along with a big pack of Pampers. As she opened the package she quickly explained my new routine - I would be diapered for bed every night until I managed to stay dry for a week. I was given no chance to object or disagree, so I meekly obeyed her instructions to undress, lay on the bed, and lift my legs up as she went about diapering me like a baby.

That's how things went, with a few dry spells sprinkled in, for the next 6 years. With the diapers came other "baby" care items - some nights I'd be wiped down, cream applied if I started to show signs of diaper rash, and always lots of powder. Babysitters, aunts and uncles, cousins and family friends all took their turns diapering me when they were watching me. My two sisters, one younger and one older, saw it all and loved to tease me for it. They made sure my friends found out about it and later, our whole school.
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hugs, your mom was only doing what was necessary to protect your bed.
On the other hand, your sisters teasing you should not have been tolerated.

Now that you're an adult do you regret what happened or accept it. Or glad it happened that way?