Hi I still wet the bed and my Mom got me some cloth diapers and plastic pants when I was 11 or 12 and goodnights just didn't work any more I am still diapered every night and plastic pants as well and now am under diaper disciplin so am in them during the day though the day ones are abenas and of course plastic pants. I wonder as I am staring to enjoy being in them even when wet
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I was put in diapers as a kid for wetting, and treated like a baby. Never as a punishment, but a diaperboy doesn't misbehave much anyway.

The advantage of disposables is that it traps the wetness so you don't feel it, yet, in my experience, they aren't as absorbent as cloth. With cloth, the wet feeling is unavoidable.
I don't like the feeling, but it is better than waking up to a thoroughly soaked bed.
Don't worry, you aren't alone with this situation. We all deal with it the best way we can!

Thank you as I do too. and thought that i was crazy