My Sleepover With My Sisters

My Sleepover With My Sisters

This is fiction

Since this is school year is coming to an end and my mom and dad are leaving on a business trip for the weekend, so that means my twin sisters that five years old and still not fully potty trained during the day and not dry at night all, so they have to be in Pampers size 7. Now with me I have been dry at night for a year now, so I get to wear big girl panties. The sisters do not have desire to get out of diapers yet, with them like that and with me changing their diapers from time to time I wish I can be back in diapers.

Friday morning my mom gets us ready to go to the daycare with clothes and diapers, strangely mom told me that she is sending some Depend fitted diapers for nighttime just in case I wet the bed, which took me by surprise but deep down I was happy. Shortly we arrive at the daycare, at the door Becky greeted us and took the diaper bag for us. As we go inside my mom told Becky that I should use the Depends in case if I bed wet.

Finally mom left to meet dad at the airport, us three joined the three other girls in the playroom. I noticed soon as we got in the room the three girls were watching The Cartoon Network. Also one of the girls had a blue diaper on with a small shirt, the other two girls were wearing Pampers. Now I was thinking why that is, so I ask the girl in the blue diaper since she was my age. Hanna was her name and she told me after taking her pacifier out of her mouth, she said I like diapers and the attention I get with it.

As we sit down to eat lunch I ask Becky is this daycare for the kids who wear diapers then, she said yes and told us that she still diapers her two daughters when they came from college, then admitted she likes to wear them too, but it was our secret. Now done with lunch, as Becky picks up the dishes from the table she told us to go stand in line by the changing room. She had this room that was set up with a changing table with all the supplies you need underneath the table, along with a potty/toilet, also has a chair for each of us to sit on as we wait to be changed.

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I liked it and it was very entertaining for a small story like that