Part Two Of My Sleepover With My Sisters

Finally Becky enters the changing room and we are all sitting on the chairs. First she has me remove my shorts and panties to sit on the toilet as she has Hanna get up on the changing table to be changed, which she was soaked and a little poopy. Quickly Becky wipes her down then gets another diaper from her bag and tapes in place on Hanna. After I get off the toilet and I did pee and poop, as I flush I told her I need to wipe, she told me not to worry because she will use a wipe to clean me.

Up on the changing table, I lay down and she raises my legs and begins to wipe me down. Being wiped with a baby wipe was great. Next she grabs the diaper bag and pulls out one of the Depend diapers, then unfolds the diaper. Once she has the diaper under my butt she sprinkles the baby powder all over my privates. At last she tapes the diaper shut.

While I was being diapered she had the 9 year old sister, Katie, lower her pull-ups and sit on the toilet. While she was on the toilet Becky got a blue diaper from the bag. Once she has the diaper laid out she has Katie get up on the changing table and she diapered her. As she diapering Katie I notice that Becky’s pants began to wet, so I guessed she is leaking from her diaper. I told Becky that she is leaking, she told me that she was and she needs to change her diaper soon as we are done diapering for naptime.

After Katie was diapered, she has one of my sister go sit on the potty as the other is lifted up on the changing table. The one on the potty said she went pee-pee in the potty and puts her pacifier back in her mouth. My other sister just laid there with her pacifier in her mouth as Becky removes her diaper which was somewhat wet, so she has her get down and sat on the potty, then the other sister got up on the table, and then she diapered her. Finally my other sister also did pee too along with pooping. Finally she diapered my other sister while the last one, Jenna, was 7 at the time removed her diaper and sat on the potty, which she did not do anything. Jenna finally got diapered with another one of her Pampers.

With all of us diapered, we followed her downstairs to several bedrooms, which all of them had crib in them; also they were regular baby size to adult size. Becky had me and Hanna go to the bigger ones and the others got to sleep in the smaller ones. Once we were all laid down to sleep, she returns to my room and tells me to follow her upstairs. Once upstairs she has me follow her to the living room and sit on the couch together.

In the living she told me to sit on the couch and she was going to be back. I was a little nervous, when she returned she had no pants and a new Abena M4 diaper in her hand. She told me she wants me to change her diaper. I said ok, so she lay down on the floor, then I removed her diaper and unfolded the new one, the diaper was kind of big on her, she was skinny. When she was diapered, we get on the couch and asked me if I like being babied, which she saw on my face, so she unbuttoned her shirt and her bra, then told me to begin sucking on her breast. Surprisingly there was milk coming out.

Done with both breasts, she notices I have wet the diaper, so she takes me to the changing room to change my diaper. As I lay the changing table gives me a pacifier n my mouth, once I was all diapered she took me back to my room to take my nap. As she tucked me in I said thank you Becky, she just smiled and kissed me on my forehead. Before she left the room she gave me a pill, I took it, after I swallowed it she told me that it was a pill to make me have runny poop. The second pill she made me take was pill to make me pee in heavy amounts.

With nap time done, she comes back down stairs to wake us all up. The younger ones were wet of course but Hanna was just damp, now when she woke me up I had a full diaper of poop and pee, the diaper was beginning to leak. So Becky lifted me out of the crib and carried me up to the changing room with everyone else. As the others have their turn to be changed, she had me take my diaper off and take a shower to clean myself off. The shower had a clear door on it so everyone can see me naked.

While I shower, Becky changes all the others into their diapers. Done with showering, I step out on to the soft rug and Becky dried me off with the softest towel. I told her as she dried me off I feel the urge to pee and poop again, so she quickly placed me on the potty, I leaked some as she quickly carried me there. I started to cry and she told me it was ok since I am being a baby for the sleepover. Poop rushed out of me and I pissed a strong stream.
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When i was 14,i had a best friend who was a bedwetter and she wore cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.when she would have a slumber party,all of the girls were put into her cloth diapers and plastic pants by her mom and we all carried on like babies.there were 8 of us at one of her parties and we all were diapered the whole time.when she would sleepover at my house,she brought extra diapers and rubberpants,and my mom would put them on both of us early in the evening and we would act like babies.

I liked it but some more detail and making it longer would be better