Part Three Of Sleepover With My Sisters

While I shower, Becky changes all the others into their diapers. Done with showering, I step out on to the soft rug and Becky dried me off with the softest towel. I told her as she dried me off I feel the urge to pee and poop again, so she quickly placed me on the potty, I leaked some as she quickly carried me there. I started to cry and she told me it was ok since I am being a baby for the sleepover. Poop rushed out of me and I pissed a strong stream.

At last I get up on the changing table to be diapered, but this time she put me in plastic panties so I will not leak if I poop and pee a lot since I still have the effects working in me. Now diapered and everyone diapered out of their wet diapers. We all go to the kitchen to have a snack, as we eat it Becky goes to her room to change her diaper since was beginning to leak. As she was diapering me I can hear her pee into her diaper it was sort loud. She returns a little later with the wet diaper in hand and tosses it into the trash. Becky then told us to go to the playroom and play.

After a few hours of playing, Becky came into the playroom to check us all; I was of course poopy and wet. But my two sisters were soaked, and the three others were just damp but were poopy. So she has us follow her to the changing room and we all go and sit on the chairs to wait our turn. Surprisingly she began bath water to fill the big tub, along with the bubbles. While the water is filling, she has us undress down to our diapers only.

First she gets me up on the changing table to carefully remove my diaper since I was really messy and wet, once I was all wiped down and clean, she let me get in the tub. Next as my two sisters, she just removed their diapers and they got into the tub as well. With the three sisters, they had their diapers removed and wiped down with the baby wipes. With all of us in the tub, she began bathing us all.

All washed, we get out of the tub and she hands us each a towel to dry off. Soon as we dried off, she has my sister get up on the changing table to be diapered, and then it was my other sister. Each of the three sisters she gets them diapered. I had to wait because she had me on the potty to see if I could go poop or pee since those pills are working on me still, finally she got me up on the changing table to be diapered.

At this point she notices that I was being diapered with my last diaper, so she said she will use her diapers for the rest of the weekend anyway, since she has lots of them anyway. Now diapered, I join the other girls in the playroom. As we play again, she told us we will have pizza for supper, so we told her what we like. She got on her phone and called to have it delivered. While we wait, Becky goes to her room to pump her breasts, which in then put the milk in a baby bottle for me to have while I have my pizza.
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Cool good story but I would of made it longer