Diapered At School

 when i was in 4 grade i got sick at my stomach and suddenly,i pooped all in my diaper.i began crying.i was sent to the nurses office.what`s wroung,never mind i smell it.well, come here and i will change you.being the way i was i froze.if you be a good baby i will give you something good!i relented.she got me up.and pulled of my shoes,then my socks.then came my pants,whew,lets get you cleaned up! then she cleaned me up with a bunch of baby wipes.well i have a barney diaper ,is that ok? i nodded.then she put it on me.you cant wear these pants.lets see what else we have. all i can find are these big legeded shorts.so lets put them on ok baby?ok i said. and so i sat there untill my mom got there.where did you get the shorts? we keep some extra clothes,you know just incase.he looks so quite.even if you can see his barney diaper sticking out of them.i blushed.my mom looked at me and said "i thought you didn`t like barney". i do now!ok then i will buy you some of them.

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Awws gwood thingy youse mommy tookies it wells and wowsies mes wishes this girl coulda worn diappies in school tehehehehe woulda meant less peepeed clothes and tanksies for shwaring youwre life experience wiff us if i could finds mes a cute abdl girlfwrien it would be mamazing

That sounds pretty embarrassing

way did the nurse cip calling you baby

If I found out that a cute girl was diapered when I was in grade school, I would have tried to make love to her and maybe even go for the home run!

i want t owear diapers and im 13 shold i just start wetting thee bed on pourpous or wat help

Awww that's so cute. Such a tender memory from an early age.