A Dare Ended Up Getting Diapered Twice

Around the time I was 12 years old, I still was still getting the baby treatment during wettings and just pull ups when I wasn't. I was very fortunate when this happened or my secret would've gotten out. Anyways it was comfortable spring weather and Dustin, his older brother, Daniel, and I didn't have anything better to do but play truth or dare. Dustin dared his older brother to diaper me. I darted up and told them I needed a drink. Before I left though, Dustin told me to get one of his "old" diapers from the attic. He was diapered for attitude problems really. I stopped into Dustin's room, and noticed pull ups in his closet, but proceeded to get the boxers cause I didn't own any. Anyways, I changed in the bathroom hoping I wouldn't have an accident before I got back from the attic. I didn't! Anyways I got the cloth diaper and pins and proceeded back into Daniel's room. Daniel diapered me in front of Dustin. And there I was diapered, then I was dared by Daniel to go outside in just my diaper and soil myself. Regretfully I did. As I was coming in, his parents entered the room to tell us to go to bed. They saw me in a soiled diaper, and was puzzled. Their motto was give a punishment that fits the crime. So all us were bathed together then put in disposable diapers, and we were to stay in just in our diapers the rest of the night, and we had to sleep together. Of course Dustin and I were used to sleeping in diapers. We didn't know about each other yet, but it wasn't hard to fall asleep, unlike the constant squirming from 15 year old Daniel. I have to admit it was funny seeing the hero jock diapered. Anyways, I left early that morning when nobody was up because I had wet. So I got my old pull up that I hid in the bathroom, put it on disposed of the wet disposable, then went home. They were worried but as soon as they woke up, they called and were relieved when they figured out I was just at my house. Of course I didn't want them over, but they came anyways. I luckily got some jeans over my onsie and cloth diaper before they came over, and they were still in just diapers. They had also wet their pull up, and were now in cloth diapers. My parents agreed to make all of us spend the rest of the day outside in just our diapers, and use them for the rest of our punishment. 

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i reallly want that to happen to me

coo koo

im gonna do a live action roleplay

Dude, that sucks. I played a fantastic prank on my friends using diapers. I decided to play truth or dare with a ton of friends. I even went online and bought some exotic diaper that won't come off until wetted AND soiled. Anyway, so there were five of us. We only were allowed to say truth three times out of 10 rounds so that's at least seven dares.If you refuse a dare, then you have to pay everybody five bucks. Of course, everyone uses up their truths at the very beginning.At about round 7, I pull out the pack of diapers and dare my friend to put one on. He does, then grabs the diapers and dares the next guy to wear one. And so we went until everyone was wearing a diaper. That's when I told them that it won't come off until wetted and soiled. Everyone tries to pull theirs off, but no luck. I had all of my truths left, so I didn't put one on at all. Everyone was mad at me and one of my friends was wearing it for 2 days straight. He had major diaper rash. The reason he wore it for so long was because he got constipated off of another dare and he couldn't take a dump until then. I still have like 19 diapers left. They costed me a fortune, but it was totally worth every penny.

Loved the story diapercrazy, wish I had some fun like that when I was younger.

mariofox03, I'm a little skeptical about your trick diapers but if they are real I would like to very much find out where to buy some or even buy the ones you have left.

I don't believe this. Your story may be true, but diapers that can't come off until they are used? Nope. Don't buy it at all. Show me proof and I'll believe it.