Diaperd For Punishment

the first time I "remember" geting diaperd was wen I was 6 I looked like I was 3or4 but I had gotin in truble at school so my mom thot becays I was so small I colde fit in some baby close she had so that day after I got home I was about to go to my room wen she tolde me that my room was up starse I was confused she brot me up to the spare room we had it looked like a nurshery. she shode me a letter she got and sed that I was going to be her baby thats wen she diaperd me. and I stade in diapers for the rest of the year and I wasent aloud to use the toilet at school either if I did I was to be punished I had to use my diapers and the nurs wold change me becaus I had locking plastik pants on she was the only one with a key at school.

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I make it look like I cant make it. wen I feel like I have to go I walk to the other side of the house away from the bathroom and then wen it hits I try and run but then I let it out and tell my mom I couldn't make it, and she believes it. after about 3 weeks of making and not making it she put me back in diapers.

yourfav121, you are a brave soul to try daywetting for diapers. Bedwetting would probably be easier to fake...

most of them where diapers too so they think it's cool

How, do you friends react about this?

i think ill try it this weekend

if you want. but your mom may not react like you think so you may need to do it more than once or you may need to poop the bed but it all comes down to how your mom reacts I had a problem so I got past a doctor but you may not but that can lead to a diaper punishment so do it and see what happens.

i want t owear diapers and im 13 shold i just start wetting thee bed on pourpous or wat help