It Has Moved To School :(

I said before that my problems started in school when emily posted the pics of me on the lockers. But lucky for me that was able to pass of as a joke very quickly and things at school returned to normal. Until one day, My school is one of those schools that has all the grades k-12 in the same school. I know im older but im still just a senior in high school because i started late and i got h eld back due to moving around a lot when i was younger. Anyways, it was just a normal school day and i was walking through the halls with my friends and my sisters 12 year old friend (mark) came up. He started talking **** and trying to boss me around and he said he was going to kick my ***. Me and my friends just laughed I thought he was bluffing. I knew he could beat me up, but i didnt think he would do it in school. Then he said i had till three to obey him. I just laughed and he started counting. When he got to 3 i walked to him and said "there thats three and nothing happened so just go to class little boy" When i did this he grabbed me and shoved me into the lockers and he started punching me. I tried to fight back but i was helpless i couldnnt do anything and i ended up peeing myself which only made mark more mad. i kicked him off a little and tried to run, but he talked me and pulled down my pants. This exposed the pink panties that my sister had forced me to wear that morning. He started spanking me and he told me that i was to always obey him no matter where i was. i replied "ok" he said "call me master" i hesitated but but said "yes master"through my sobs. At this point another small group of kids came. It was my sister and some more of her friends. The friends held me down and i knew it was about to get worse. Mark had them turn me over so my back was on the ground. (i guess my friends were too shocked to help idk maybe they were just lauhghing at me). Mark then pulled down my panties exposing my tiny **** and then he undid his pants. I began crying harder and my sister slapped me and told me to shut upmark picked up my legs and then rammed his **** into me. then to make it worse my sister took off her panties (she was in a dress) and she got over my and forced me to eat her out. Idk why there were no teachers coming out. When they finished with me my sister said keep him down, she reached into her bad and grabbed a diaper. She said "big babies have to wear diapers" so she diapered me i looked up at my "friends" and they just ran when they saw me look. I just kept crying and she told me to shut up and she pulled me over her knee and began spanking me and then finally a teacher came up and asked what was going on. My sister said that i was being being a big baby and i had to be punished she kept spanking me and i pooped myself. The teacher agreed and took me down to the kindergartin class rooms and sai"d that until i grow up i am going to be treated like a baby. and every so often mark or my sister come to make sure im behaving and they almost always spank me and make me cry.
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thats terrible for them to rape u in school no one did anything