The Friends

When I was 9, I was living with my mom and my sister Jen in a well known town in Missouri. I am like any other 9 year old boy, I play video games and play sports. But, the one thing that was the worst in my life, was my sister and her friends. She invites a bunch of friends over every weekend and they say they'll look for me and torture and do whatever to me and everytime they looked, they never found me until one day.

It was a Saturday, I was outside looking at my baseball cards when I heard my sister on the phone, "Come over now, he won't notice." She said in the distance as I quickly packed up my cards in a box and when to the backyard. I put my cards on a window ledge and went inside through the backdoor. I was in the cold dark basement looking for a place to hide. My dad was in the middle of cleaning out the basement so I had no selection to hide. I sneaked up the stairs and through the door without my sister noticing and went upstairs. Right beside my bedroom was a closet seperating mine and my sisters. I thought she would never find me and opened the closet door and climbed onto the second shelf in the closet. I put towels and pillow under and on top of me to hide me and keep me comfortable. After ten minutes of hiding, I heard a knock of the front door. Several knocks actually, maybe around 4? I couldn't tell, I just stayed quiet.

I could hear the girls talking downstairs, "Let's go find him, I have an amazing idea for this weekend." my sister said as they split up 2 girls downstairs and 2 girls upstairs. "Let's check his room." Holly said one of the friends. " Ok, but don't break anything..." She said crossing her fingers and smiling at her. They were looking around and couldn't find me and pretend to give up " We give up Nathan, we won't torture you." Holly said as I didn't move a muscle until Holly found one of my favourite baseball cards. "Oh, wow, eddie Collins. I've never heard of him, oh well." Holly said dropping the card on the ground and stepping on it. I then jumped out of the closet and grabbed my card, "Don't touch my cards!" I yelled and put the card away, as all the girlls rallied around me in my room and grabbed me.

"Let me go!" I begged as I was being dragged to my sisters room by 12 year olds. They tied my to a chair and tapped my mouth shut. "I will take the tape off your mouth, if you behave for us." Jessica said as I struggled to get free. they wheeled me into my sisters walk in closet and took off the tape on my mouth "Now, I will un-tie you but you have to take off all of your clothing and put on these panties." My sister said handing me a pair of pink panties. The girls un-tied me and left the closet holding it shut from the outside. I sat in there and disagreed to put on the panties and after 10 minutes, I couldn't take it anymore and put the frilly pink panties on. I told them I put them on and they pulled me out of the closet to see a light blue party dress, white tights, and black flats. "Put all of these on." Holly said as she handed the clothing to me. I rolled my eyes and went into the closet as I couldn't escape. I stepped into the tights and pulled them on into place. and then put the flats on my feet. I looked at the dress for a moment, swallowed my breath and put it on. I looked into the mirror and saw a sissy boy and stopped myself from crying.

I walked out of the closet to see the girls holding cameras and I got a glimpse of a bright flash. they all had pictures of me as I complained to them. They sat me on the chair as one girl did my makeup and another did my nails. They put a long hair wig on my head and curled it. They got me to act like and girl and walk like one. "Can you please let me go now?'" I begged as they didn't allow it and picke dout another outfit for me. The next outfit was a black and white polk a dotted dress with red tights. I switch outfits as they demanded and when I looke din the mirror, I thought I was a beautiful girl and started to enjoy they way I was being dressed. I walked out of the closet smiling and they were happy I was enjoying it. They took me downstairs for my mom to see and she was happy to have another daughter.

After that great adventures with the girls at home, they decided to take me out in to public by going to the park. Most of my guy friends were there and they laughed at me but I didn't care when I was having the time of my life. When I went on the monkeybars, the guys tried to look up my dress but I stopped them from doing it. On the swings they had a full glimpse of my tights and panties. I told them to stop and they eventually did, boys are addicted to looking up skirts and dresses.

After that day I always let the girls dress me up when they came over. Best experience ever!! More to come.
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A ***** or two would be cut

Kinda reminds me of the time I was about 8-years-old, my sister had me try on a pair of tight pants, a crop top shirt, and put lipstick on my lips. It was so embarrassing. That was 15 years ago, but I do plan to pull a prank on her one day.

I enjoy the enthusiasm of payback.