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The Girls Locker Room

This happened last month when i bought a video recording pen, it was all part of my plan. I went into the girls locker room early in the morning, hid the pen, and got out, if it all went well i would have gotten some of the hottest girls in the school on video tape, the lacrosse girls, the cheer leaders. it all went well until when i went in to retrieve it, i grabbed the pen and started walking out when a girl name rachel saw me, she screamed. "What are you doing in here!?" Uh nothing i just droped my pen. She saw the lens. "That's a camera pen! Hand it over!" I did so hoping she wouldn't tell anyone. she smashed it on the ground and stomped on it. "You'll be over at my house this saturday at 3 or else i tell the principal.

Every day until the weekend i tried not to look at that girl. Then it came it was saturday, noon, one, two, two thirty, i started walking over to the girls house telling my mom i was going to a friends. i got there just before three, scared at what was about to happen, i rang the door bell, there rachel was, "come on in" she said. She pointed me towards a chair. I sat down. "What you did was disgusting" she said "don't worry though i thought of the perfect plan, Today i was going to have the rest of the lacrosse team come over here since my parents are out of town, but since your here, i can't do that. I have to invite the cheer leaders too!" "Come on down girls!"

I gulped as i saw 30 girls walk down the stairs, two blocked the door, two had rope in their hands, two were carrying a cosmetics table, one was holding a cheer leading uniform, one pom poms, one a bow, three holding wigs, one panties, one bra, one heels, one a pair of white sneakers, two high heels, one this dress:, one this dress:, one boots, the rest were holding different jeans shirts skirts and shoes. they spent all day dressing me up in different clothes and arrangements of wigs shoes skirts shirts dresses i was like their personal barbie, i had no choice but to obey or else they would hit me with a bat, and threaten to tell the principal, i couldn't run away cause well, 30 girls vs 1 boy in womens clothes(that may i say are really hard to move in), not very likely odds for me.

They must have done dozons of outfits, when they put the cheer leading outfit on me, and a bow in my wig.put the pom poms in my hand and forced me to do one of their cheers. then one they made up themselves. My name is Daniel so their cheer went like this "Danielle! danielle! she's our girl," They would squirt perfume on me, "Smells like a pearl!" "If she can't pull off a dress no one can!" they then made me call my mom and ask if i could spend the night. sadly she said yes, even after every way i tried to pull her out of it.

"Now we can do facials and manicures!" the girls said. they all did turns doing each others nails and face and the best of the came to me, and did mine. They then force me to put on these pajamas:

The next morning when they woke me up they dressed me in some more clothes thought they needed more, gave me a purse, and said "We're going to the mall" "None of you have had your licences long enough to drive enough people." i said "Your right one said, i guess we'll just have to walk." We walked to the mall the entire way through all they talked about was cute boys and other girly stuff. When we got there i knew this couldn't end well, first it was victoria secret, then macys, hollisters, forever21, hot topic, and ambercaumbie. "This is a lot of shoping for me to wear just for one day" i said.

"Oh its not just one day, it will be this Saturday, every month until school is out"
Oh no, another annual force feminization, i thought.

if you liked my story,check out my other stories. writing them here gets a lot of stress out.
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He got his lesson learned, but I wouldn't have gotten my lesson learned. I want girls to do that to me!!! Also, amazing short story. Read my story and reply please.

Please go on looxee. Add me as a friend.

add me sweetie

honestly i would just move away from the school move to a diferent school or just take this like a man But if you EVER TRY TO BREAK MY COMPUTER i will hunt you down or ill find where u live and beat the **** out of you cause this computer costed 1,000 dollars

Oh i see you have a Mac

i dont have a mac i have a alienware mx14


I would try and ask out the cheer captian

Then i would probaly flip the bird at the as i walked out the door of their house

And if they asked why i would say i didnt want to become a ******* girl and to go **** themselves

And kicking some corpus ***

I just wouldnt show up , id be sitting in my room playing warframe

pfffff, looser. If you have been clever enough to get one pen, then get another, tape the humiliation, show the principal. The original was destroyed, they dont have proof, but you do. If they go 30 vs you, just grab a ******* bat and smash one of their heads. Reduce them to dust

It's not that simple. The man code says that a woman can't be hit until she proves herself a ***** before witnesses who cannot in good conscience back her up.

Gonna be honet, i wish i was you, im not a tranny but ive always wanted to see what that stuff is like

Just so you know it is absolute hell and you should never try it